Thursday, September 26, 2019

Visit to Little Bighorn National Monument Part 1

I'm going to cheat today and Post Part 1 of our visit to Little Bighorn. Tomorrow will post the rest of it. I've had them ready just didn't get around to posting them. 
We are still trying to catch up things from being gone two month. So here it is...
We stayed in Hardin, Mt so we could revisit Little Bighorn National Monument. We were there in 2003 but just for a quick visit. Turning off the highway towards the park.
A bush with prayer ribbons and pouches on it. 
The cemetery, it is a regular Veterans Cemetery. Not just for the soldiers of the battle. 

We were there early before all the traffic. So we could stop and read all the information signs. If you want to read an in depth article on Custer Click Here. It is very, very interesting. 

The area they are talking about. 
The Indians were camped down by the river.

There are white headstones scattered through out the area. Indicating where a soldier fell. 

Indian camp in the trees on the river. Notice the white markers for the soldiers. 

The markers for the Indians are a rust colored stone. Notice at the foot of the marker the items that have been left there in respect. 
Lots of coins and some plant material.
Looking towards the Indians camp down the ravine to the river.

The markers for the three soldiers mentioned above.

The ridge the Indians came down. 

It is so peaceful here now. Hard to believe or imagine what happened here.

Part of the road leaves the park and goes through private land. This is that part. 
Isn't he pretty?
Up to the last information point before turning around and heading back to Visitor Center. I'll let the signs do the talking. 

The area they are talking about. 
Heading back - They took their time crossing the road. 

First looking out over the battlefield mentioned in the above information. The it continues to pan around to see the trees and river where the Indians were camped. Continuing on around to where it began. From 400 feet. 
I will stop here until next blog on the area. Still a lot to share. 

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