Saturday, March 25, 2023


Gad I forgot to post this yesterday. Had it all ready to go and got distracted I guess.

Another strange electrical/technical thing happened. We got our new MiFi yesterday. Got it home, set it up working fine. This morning no Internet = what the? Looked at list of connections available. Where is my Verizon 43?  Not there, but there was a Verizon 44  - don't remember seeing that before. Hum...try it. Clicked on it, requested password, put it in YIPPEE it worked. Why did it change user name over night? No idea. Then I managed to get my Nook on line too. Going good. BUT when I tried to get Bill's laptop the user name WOULD NOT  come up. Turned every thing on and off, still nothing. Bill suggested I call tech support. But being selfish I didn't want to as MY laptop was working.. Shame on me. Then I got to thinking (I know, wow be careful) what if I make my phone a hotspot. Have tried that before and couldn't do it. Well this time Google came through with instructions I could follow YES Bill's laptop is now connected to Internet through my phone's hotspot. Yes, yes, yes! Doesn't take much to excite me now days. 

OMG our Dish satellite just made noise, it is actually searching for a signal. So I grabbed the phone and called Dish; their menu has changed and they gave me a choice of holding for 45 minutes or wait for a call back - so waiting for call back. GOT THE CALL BACK and every thing is up and running. Almost can't believe it. Things are looking up. Even the sun is shining today. And there is no wind. Looks like it will be nice for a long time. 

And I actually cooked lunch today. Had orange chicken and teriyaki noodles. Don't get excited, they were both out of boxes - just cook. 

I feel somewhat better today for more of the day, with just a few times of being really tired. Do have a sore throat today though. Bill is still having a rough time of it. He gets tired quickly, but isn't coughing or blowing his nose as much. He is getting better but slowly. we were in Ace Hardware the other day and found the neatest slipper socks for Bill. They are fuzzy inside and have no skid patches on the sole. Only about 12 dollars. he is always so cold these work great. 

Up at five o'clock this morning. That's what happens when I go to bed too early. I feel much better today so far. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

What a techie you are!!
Glad you both are on the road to feeling better.

Doug and Nancy said...

What a relief that you are both starting to feel better. Hugs.

Contessa said...

Hang in there. Poco a poco!

SandyM said...

Hope you folks are feeling better every day and will soon make your way to LasVegas. Travel safely.