Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Mazatlan to Los Mochis - interesting.

 Well where to begin. Yesterday, Tuesday the day we left Mazatlan was an interesting day. I’m being nice. It began great. Got everything ready to leave then went to La Antigua for breakfast. Sitting in patio enjoying meal when much to our surprise and delight four of our friends from the RV park showed up to join us – well more to visit with us as they didn’t eat. Thank you so much for that. 

Back to RV park so Bill could hook up Jeep, then off we went to the gas station to fill the RV. We left there at 11 o’clock. Some company is starting another development just a few miles up the road. 

The first toll booth is just north of Mazatlan aways. WOW I knew the tolls had gone up but…coming down it was 410 pesos, now it is 490.

Some of the road has been repaved and is quite good.  And I noticed a lot of work going on in the southbound lanes too. But we shouldn’t have gotten excited. As a whole the majority of the highway is bad or worse or worser. If you are in a car or truck you probably don’t notice it as much. In the motorhome you hear every rattle from every pothole you couldn’t miss or every pot hole that has been filled which makes it feel and sound like driving over a washboard. 

Lots of corn being grown along the road towards Culiacan.

And some pretty blooming yellow trees. 

Then the toll booths before Culiacan. First one is now 540 pesos ( this is for the RV (autobus) and the tow car (auto.) It went up almost 100 pesos. It was a perfect driving day. Not hot, no wind, and some overcast. Just some pretty scenery.

More newly paved road. The remaining booths around Culiacan were 125p and 258p They went up a little bit. Hard to read but one of the toll signs. Total 1679 pesos in tolls for RV and Tow car.

The two after Culiacan to Los Mochis were the same as when we came down. Oranges for sale along the road. No one around to collect money. How does that work? 

The Agricultural inspection. Pay attention it has changed. For some reason some trucks just stay on road and go straight. See one on the left – just go through. Rest of us go way right, but not through the canopy see X go to right of it. The just asked us if we had any fruit. We said NO and then waved us through. No more spraying thank goodness. No problem and even the road there is fixed. 

240 miles and we arrived at the SmartGas in Los Mochis. No problem making the U turn to come back to it. Gassed up before parking. Rather a shock 23.80 pesos a liter for gasoline – that’s over 5 dollars US a gallon. They only take cash. Didn’t see the price of diesel. We like to park right up front by the fence between the gates. Then we went to the Elba restaurant to eat. Very good meal and lots of left overs for today. 

Happened to look out at the sunset. Rather pretty sky. First look. 

Second time I looked.
And then I happened to look again. I have NEVER seen a sky this red. It was amazing. 
We are gassed up and ready to go as far as Totanaka in San Carlos for tonight and maybe tomorrow night. 


Anonymous said...

Red sky at night sailors delight so it should be a great travel day today!!

Kathy Tycho said...

Eric says we're going to Culiacan on the free road. We'll see how that turns out.

Frank and Sandi said...

Tolls are outlandish. I wouldn't mind paying quite that much for the tolls if the roads were decent.

Doug and Nancy said...

Travel safe friends!! Sounds like a good trip so far! Hugs!!

SandyM said...

Wow, those tolls are horrific and that sunset is spectacular!

Carol and Bill said...

hello to all thanks for commenting. I have never seen the sky so RED - the picture doesnt do it justice. Even when it got dark I could still see some red.
Well the safe travel bit got a slight bump to it. A big plastic 5 gallon paint bucket fell off a pick up truck and ended up under us. Broke something to do with black and gray tanks. willie full of s^^t. and leaking. So we stay in San Carlos for a while.
Tolls yesterday were 200 pesos more than coming down.

Anonymous said...

Truely a stunning sunset. I once saw I sunset with red in it but nothing like this. Yikes to the toll prices. So not fair considering the road conditions.

Will keep reading to follow the story re the paint can damage....

PS Something wrong with your verify by clicking o photos. I had to do ten of them. COntessa