Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The trip that just keeps giving and giving.

 So any way, to catch up. We were going to leave Amado on Sunday, a day early, to miss the coming weather of wind and rain. Well we are still in Amado paid until next Monday. The wind today is fierce and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Glad we are not going anywhere.

The picture today is the new header. The picnic table at our site in Mountain View RV Ranch. I would love to have it and put a protective coat on it and leave it just the way it is holes and pealing paint and all. It just calls to me. 

The Jeep has its tow bracket fixed. Took a couple of days as whole skid plate under Jeep had to be replaced. The spot lights are gone...to be replaced? Who knows. It looks funny now. And needs some cleaning up. 

So we have managed a couple of trips to Denny's and WalMart and one to Safeway. Why is that important? Well 'cause...Bill now has Covid. Just got back from urgent care. He got what we thought was an uptick in his allergies Saturday evening. But planned on leaving Sunday. Sunday morning he decided he didn't want to drive and that he had a cold. Coughing and sneezing and nose running. No problem. Monday not any better, so I went to office and extended our stay for a week. Figuring when he felt better we'd just leave. Yesterday he started running a fever and was trying to cough his toenails up. Got in car to drive a couple of miles to the  Green Valley hospital to emergency. Neighbor told us hospital was now closed! What? it is only about six years old. Sure enough closed. Closest hospital is in Tucson. He was really feeling horrid so called 911. Took them a while to figured out who could service the RV park in Amado. Finally did. Told us to stay where we were. We were already in car so parked in front of the office and waited. Ambulance came from Tubac not too long of a wait. They checked him out. (Oh yeah - we'd already done a Covid home test - said negative.) Medics checked heart, breathing, sugar, blood pressure etc. He wasn't having problems breathing. Everything was fine, he was just feeling sh***y. They asked if he really wanted to go to hospital. Consensus was no need to. So they told us there was an urgent care in Green Valley if he felt he was worse. Back to the RV and he went back to bed. Fever went up and down, coughing and nose running remained the same and he slept most of day. And up half of the night. This morning still feeling rotten. Took another COVID test...oh, oh, positive!  So thinking about the pill we went to urgent care in Green Valley. It is no longer an urgent care. Had to go to next exit north to a little hospital with an emergency room. Got right in. Yep Covid. Go home rest, eat, drink. Get some Zinc and stay hydrated. Doctor looked at me and said, "You'll probably test positive too."  Gee thanks. Bill drove to both those places. But by then he wasn't feeling too good. Lucky me I got to drive. Less than a mile he was car sick. And the wind was almost moving the car to the next lane. Hate that. 
So now we are in RV. Both of us ate and drank and took Zinc. He is napping I am writing this. So far I have no symptoms. Unless the fact that I've been sneezing and had running nose for 5 or 6 days means I already have it and not bad. Wouldn't that be nice.  Oh, he nor I can take the Paxlovid because of medical history.
So that is our story of trip from Mazatlan to Amado, AZ. I just want to go home and stay there. Him too. 


gumo said...

You need to write another book on this trip. What an adventure!

Doug and Nancy said...

Oh no!!! Tuck in the blankets and get better. I got COVID in Melaque. Doug never got it so maybe you won't either. Hugs and stay well amigos

SandyM said...

So not fun for either of you. We take Zinc and also vitamin C since we had Covid last August. I have only found 250mg of vitamin C in chewable as the 500 mg seemed too strong for me. Hope you feel better soon so rest, rest, rest and if you need a nap just take one. We were able to take Paxlovid and so thankful we could. Feel better and get well soon. Thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

Just another adventure. You and he will get over it and then you’ll get on with it. Home is boring and certainly what you’re doing right now . It sure beats sitting at home watching Matlock reruns.

Kathy Tycho said...

Well crap...I think that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Things can only get better now!

Anonymous said...

The very last thing that you need. A least you are together in your own environment. Sending healing thoughts but do keep a very close eye on each other.

Hugs, Contessa