Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A couple of days worth of things

This is kind of a mixed bag of things we've done since Friday morning until Monday morning. I believe I left off a day or so ago as we were driving towards home on the Malecon. This is a restaurant notice the steps. The picture below this one is of the same steps last spring. I think they might be easier to climb now.
 I would have been dizzy trying to climb them when they looked like this. Although I like the look better. 
In this area there are both the bubble lights and the new halo type lights. I like the shadow. All new paving and sidewalks too. Building a new or remodeling an old restaurant on the far right. It is built right into the side of the hill.
 Past where the divers dive. Don't know if he was a diver or a poser trying to get enough money collected for the actual diver to dive. Not many people in the area.
 Just a look at the "Pearl of the Pacific" such a pretty city from this view of the bay.
 A new condo complex. Built right across the street from the fishermen's area. The sand is where all the panga fishermen bring in their boats. Usually smells pretty fishy! Not sure I'd want to live there. 
 A new mural just caught it as we drove by. Will try to figure out where it is exactly and see if I can get a better picture of it. Too bad the Starbucks is there. 
 More of the newly opened northbound Malecon. It looks really nice. And rides even better. 
 New condos going up - where are they going to get all the people to buy/rent them? Though last weekend for the Marathon hotel occupancy was 100%.
 So we got home, don't remember if we took naps or not but by early evening we were ready to go out again. Again to the Plazuela Machado. Back across the Malecon. Lots of people out Friday night, walking, skating and bike riding.  A few traveling musicians too. 
 The halo - that is just what I call them - lights are lit. 
 Back into Centro heading to the same parking lot. All the lights in the sidewalks are on illuminating the buildings. 
 Lights in the palm trees in the Plazuela. 
We took a walk to the west end of the area to an art gallery to see if it was open. The owner, Rak, was just leaving and closing up. Stopped to talk to him for a bit. Known him for years. He helped Bill learn how to work with the leather masks and Wind Spirits. 
 Getting later and more people showing up. Three restaurants in this picture. Two downstairs and one upstairs. 
 Bill's vegetarian pizza, I had spaghetti with meat sauce. One of the downstairs restaurants. 
 Walking around after eating. Beautiful bride and good looking groom. Yes she knew I was taking the picture. 
We got home about 8:30. We leave before the area gets real busy. 
Bill was up in time Saturday morning to get a shot of the sunrise.
Coming into the campground. The area along the southern fence is almost full. The only part not near construction. The whistle you hear about midway is Bill's silly horn he just got fixed. 

We planned on staying home the weekend because of the Marathon closing of streets and because Jamie, the painter was picking up the Jeep to redo the Rhino lining on the fenders and bumpers. Good bye Willie.
 December 1st, Saturday night we watched the inauguration of Mexico's new president. Andres Manual Lopez Obredor. He gave quite a speech. Really wants to stop the corruption. Hope he can. 

Thank goodness the construction workers only work half day on Saturday and not at all Sunday. Peace and quiet was enjoyed by all.  This was Sunday's sunrise. Again Bill was up. I snooze in some, But in my defense I go to bed a lot later than him. 
 The Jeep came home late Sunday afternoon. Bright and shiny. 

Had about 8 different birds in the tree this morning. 
Just a shot of our almost pink bougainvillea. All the plants seem to be doing fine. 
 Another week in paradise. Well kind of paradise, as long as we are away from the construction noise. Can't have everything.
Mazatlan, Mexico weather for this week.
Las Vegas weather for this week - guess that's why we're here instead of there. 
Goodness we were busy being out and about again today. Lots of tourists from the boats, watched the divers and brought home quiche.


JoeAPM said...

I enjoy reading your posts... but hardly ever comment.
Thanks for taking the time to share with all us silent readers!

Doug and Nancy said...

Just driving along through the park with you makes me sad we aren't there too!! I can almost feel the warmth......that's hard to do when it is just blow freezing here. Miss you guys. Hugs to you both and hi and hugs to Raph.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for commenting, it is always nice to know someone is reading and enjoying.

Carol and Bill said...

What the weather app doesn't show is the humidity, seems a lot higher this year. And rain due again on Friday. Will tell him Hi and hug. He is as cheerful and helpful as always. The construction is now really close to us. UGH.

Mehwis Malik said...

Your blog is Owsome. This is very nice and informative blog. Happy New Year Dubai 2019. Keep it up. Thanks

Unknown said...

Every time I read your post and look at the beautiful pictures I want to be there. I’m just having a challenge figure figuring out how to get me and my two little doggies there. I don’t want to drive But that’ Might be what I have to do since I don’t want to take two dogs on an airplane. Again thank you so much for your beautiful pictures and information about Mazatlan