Friday, December 28, 2018

Busy Cerritos Beach Christmas Eve Day

We spent all day away from the RV. Had a great day, took many pictures - for another day. 
After coming back into town from our last visit to the Distillery we drove out to the Cerritos ares, just up the road from where we stay. I've written about it a lot. We go there to watch the fishermen coming in. This though was Christmas Eve day and the the beach was busy with tourists. I don't think any boats were out. There were shade canopies set up all over the beach. See the white table, just behind it on the sand is an counterman's inner tube filled with oysters. I missed a picture of him bringing it in. The guy in the blue and white shorts brought the table down to the beach. 
A better look at the table and inner tube. Don't know who the guy in the white shirt is but hung around the table the whole time we were there. 
Need a hat? Lots of vendors out on the sand. Everything from sunglasses to cookies and sand toys.
Fuzzy pink boots - guess the owners are out in the water. Wearing winter boots and swimming in the ocean kind of day.
There goes a man with a guitar.  White chairs for rent.
The oysterman setting up his display. Even has an umbrella for shade. And a sign. He is selling oysters and clams. 
No wind and lots of interesting things so Bill took his drone up. The kids around were fascinated with it. that is a restaurant behind Bill and another guitar player heading to the beach. More vendors set up along the parking area.
Now the music scene is getting serious. 
Maybe a quick snack before playing. Matching shirts, pants, hats and boots. Never did hear them play.
Heres lookin' at cha babe!
This little boy was glued to Bill. So interested in the drone. Didn't try to touch it or anything just watched.

Plastic cups full of fresh cut fruit. She will pick a sport and set up her table.
More music available on the beach. The guy on the left has an accordion. 
Popular spot. More and more people were coming to this beach as we were there. 
Coming in to have his battery changed. 
Another restaurant. 
Cookies or buns, she is coming up the stairs from the beach. 
Another little boy fascinated by the drone. He ran up and down the beach right under it the whole time Bill was flying it. 

Just liked the reflection.
Lots of oysters to sell. Saw a few people buying them. 
Back up to the restaurant. 
A short drone video of the beach. 


Dirk Digler said...

Happy New Year! I’m sorry that the construction has been so annoying. I know you so look forward to your time there. If you move on... I hope you find a great place. Best wishes.

Carol and Bill said...

And a very Happy New Year to you too. Guess we will decide what to do the day the rent is due. But we have a lot of friends here so maybe we can just keep busy going places on day trips.

Unknown said...

I love the way the little boy is so interested in what Bill is doing.He was so polite just standing there and watching but I’m sure he wanted to play with it.

Carol and Bill said...

He was so good about it. And the one on the beach chasing it up and down the beach.