Thursday, December 6, 2018

Finishing up our day on Tuesday

We continued to drive along the Malecon. There are several beautiful statues/sculptures along it. This one is very graceful. I think it is the Mazatlan Woman 
 Now those are blue stairs. 
 Two different ceramic tiles cover the front of this place. I remember seeing this house years ago when I was here on a cruise ship. Took a tour of town and this road was the first place we drove up. 
 Another monument. 
 And the much photographed mermaid. She is in Olas Altas where the ocean swimming pool is. Behind her is the water slide for the pool. More on it later.
 These guys are always out when the cruise ships are in. Love to watch them dance. But it was getting later in day so they were getting ready to leave. It is sad to go to the plaza during the day now that there is no more Beach Burger. We'd always stop there for a cool soda and most times lunch. Miss it. That side of the plaza didn't have one restaurant open.

Just some nicely kept up homes. The problem with homes in this area there is no parking and for sure no garages. 
 We stopped by the watchmaker. There was no where to park, so we pulled up next to the curb - luckily no one behind us - and he brought Bill's watches out to us. 
 We continued on to the little outdoor restaurant we ate at the other day. We'd asked when they would be having quiche - and Tuesday was the day. So as we drove by the waitress waved at us, asking were we coming in. But we had already eaten! :) There was a teeny tiny parking space right next to the restaurant. How he got the car in there I don't know. But he did and went inside to get cinnamon rolls and two take out orders of the Quiche breakfast. 
 I swear the Jeep is not touching the VW. But it sure couldn't be any closer. 
 Inside picking up the quiche. 
 It was delicious for supper. 
 Haven't noticed this before a new OXXO on Angel Fores right across the street from the plaza. They are showing up everywhere. 
 A corner of the central market. Lots and lots of people around.
 Heading back towards the beach. Most of these roads have  been repaved in the last year or six months. So nice.
 But don't get complacent. Never know when you might run into something like this. 
 Almost back to the Golden Zone.  
 Just noticed this. Hum...
 Stayed home rest of day listening to and watching the construction. 
Early Wednesday morning the Chakalakas were out and about. 
 Actually went out to get this picture. Kind of pretty.  And from there the day got busy again. 
Leave you with this picture of sunrise. 
Lots of hammering going on behind us as they put up the wooden forms for the concrete retaining wall. So we'll be going somewhere when it gets a little later. 


Mark said...

One month to go, but who's counting...

Carol and Bill said...

It will go quickly. El Quelite, Plazuela Machado, RIBS all waiting for you.

Barb said...

what is OXXO?