Friday, December 14, 2018

Great Hamburger Hunt

It is now Friday, days are flying by. 
Tuesday morning dawned dark and dreary. But we had plans with another couple in the RV park to go to breakfast at the Torres La Palapa (hotel across the street.) They had never been there so we wanted to share it with them. Unfortunately it was not a pretty view - more dark and dreary ocean. But we all enjoyed our breakfast. Then home to gather up a few things for errands. Took the laundry in and dropped it off. Then on to the grocery store. Needed oranges and bread for the birds. And a couple things for us. Seeings how I very seldom cook we don't need much in the way of groceries, usually bread and stuff for salads and fruit. 
There are a couple of Facebook pages about Mazatlan that I follow. On one of them there was a big discussion about where to find the best hamburger in Mazatlan. For many years it wasn't possible to find a good - to us - hamburger in the area. Not counting Burger King and Carl's Jr. Most times the patties were about 1/4 inch thick and not spiced and cooked hard. But after reading the Facebook page I started craving a hamburger and suggested to Bill we go try to find one of the places mentioned. It is in the historic district. Neither of us remembered ever seeing it. So off we went. 
No idea why I took this picture - we are on our way across town. I think it was of a mural that can barely be seen. 
 Any way - we parked in the place we usually park to go to the Plazuela Machado. And finally I got a good picture of Gilberto's painting. (He is the artist that did the hoods of the Jeep and RV.) Very few cars in the parking lot when we got there. Weird isn't it.
The restaurant - Union Kitchen & Bakery - was just a short walk away. Its on Belisario Dominguez 1503 - almost on the corner of Constitucion. 
Artwork on the outside of the building.
 These fascinate me. Are there stencils for these?
Looking around inside. There is outside seating too, but it is right across the street where a building is being torn down. NOISE!
 The flooring is new tile but keeps with the historic tile designs.
The ceilings look original, The big wooden beams in one area, the metal ceiling with air vents around the edges in the other room. 
Of course we ordered hamburgers. I had ice tea - it had a very light taste of mint. Very good. We wondered, after we ordered, what came with the hamburgers. Soon found out, not French fries - but little potatoes. The patty was almost one inch thick and bigger than the restaurant baked bun. Had melted cheese, grilled tomatoes and onions and lettuce. A good sauce on it too. Delicious. The little pots contain mayo and ketchup. I ate EVERY bite of it. 
The potatoes were a lot like the little potatoes Bill makes. Seasoned with oregano and a few other spices, grated cheese on top. Heavenly. 
Here are their menus. Breakfast
And lunch/dinner. All breads are baked in house.  
After eating we headed home. A birthday girl in the Plazuela getting her pictures taken. 

 As we were driving through town a black car was honking and trying to catch up with us. What the?
Turned out it was Juan - the nurse Bill had the whole time he was in the hospital here a few years ago. Juan wanted to say Hi and he told us he was now working at a different clinic. So we stopped there for a few minutes to visit with him.  Our car makes us easy to find. 
After visiting we spent the rest of the day home watching all the construction. Speaking of health - we are both doing great. I need to start walking daily but something always seems to get in the way of it. But at least we are being somewhat active. Our Dish Anywhere TV is working fine - right now I'm watching Channel 5 from Vegas - the news. Our Internet here is good, the line runs right along the wall the construction company is building so I've been a little worried about it. But they are careful of it. 
OMG Just looked out the window and a bobcat is working on our side of the wall - you can see some wires running along the top of the wall. One of them is our Internet wire, the others go to the big microwave tower in the construction area. 
 Our wire runs just under the red line then down to the ground and is buried under the dirt where it crosses the road and then above ground all the way to our RV. It is just our wire here, the other line is a shadow.
I went running out to make sure everything was okay. It was. The machinery was away from it. 
Came back in and was starting to post the pictures when POOF no more Internet. Ran back outside. The machine was just backing up and the wire was cut!  I pulled it out of the dirt and waved it at him. He motioned he would call to get it fixed. But I went in hunt of the park's handyman, Rafael. He came back with me - I thought he was just going to talk to the operator but he ended getting up in the bucket and splicing the wire. WOW. In the meantime the construction had called the Internet company who told them someone would be out in 7 or 8 days to fix it!!!!!!
So any way we are up and running again. 
Thank goodness for Rafael. He is a great asset to the RV park. Anything you need done, either he can do it or find someone who can do it. He is one of the reasons we keep coming to Las Jaibas RV. 
A lot of the work now is right next to the wall. Will do a post on it one of these days. As it was a cool day we had the door open, bad choice. Bill began to have trouble breathing. With the door closed the AC had to run. So we left - went for a drive and didn't come home till after they quit working. Going to be a tough few weeks - need to stay away from here during the dusty part of the day. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Hey! I had Union on my list to try this year.

Carol and Bill said...

when do you want to go?

Contessa said...

I don't see anywhere on the menu about the burger you had and the price! Funny how you saw what might happen to the internet and then it did. good fix by your handyman.

Carol and Bill said...

On the lunch menu under Main Dishes - Union Sirloin Burger $185.