Sunday, December 16, 2018

"I Spy" in Mazatlan

This is mostly a catch up blog. The rest of Wednesday and part of Thursday. Just different things I saw that I found interesting. 
Before we crossed the street to the Cathedral to see the children we passed through the Revolucion Park - the Plaza in front of the government building. It is set up for Christmas. Santa's house and a colorful Christmas tree. 
 This looks nice.

A big red bow on the government building. 
 After I took enough pictures of the children [see last post] we went on to the Central Market. It was very busy as there was a cruise ship in. This is the market stall we usually buy our fruit at. Nice selection, very fresh and friendly people.
 I just like the colors of the produce.

The guy in blue is recording an interview with the man in the white shirt. He was talking about the virtues of shopping in the central market. Not mentioning any specific stall, but all of the market. Don't know if it was for print or TV or social media. 
 Some of the main aisles are still torn up waiting for repairs. The vendors are starting to complain about the inconvenience for the shoppers. It would be easy to trip. 
 Several different levels in the floor. Lots of loose cement and tile. 
 Heading back to the car to drop off the fruit we'd bought I noticed this building for the first time. Art Deco style maybe? 1920's to 40's?
 A different flowering plant. Kind of weird looking with its antenna like leaves.
We stopped at Via Condotti for lunch. Even though the tables say Culinary Market - which is the bakery part. I had French toast Bill had a beautiful salad with all sorts of stuff in it. Said it was very good.
 Went inside heading towards the bakery, haven't noticed these chairs before. They were all different. 

 Across from the bakery some work/remodeling is being done. There is a big glass wall with a door in it. Can't wait to see what it will be. I hope they leave the flooring and ceiling alone. 
 The glass butts up to a new brick wall...
 Got home just as the sky was getting very dark. The weird black thing on the left is a leaf of our banana plant. Took me a minute to figure out what it was.

 It did end up raining again that night. 
Thursday morning sunrise. 
 Took a quick run to the market Thursday to order a cake for Christmas Day dinner here in the RV park. Lots of Christmas goodies being sold. 

 Hum...I guess men can wish for love and/or money too on News Years. See previous post about red and yellow underwear for the New Years. 
The noise and blowing dust finally got to us later in the day Thursday so we headed out to get away from it. More about that later. Going to have to stay home and do nothing someday so I can get caught up. 
But this took the cake.  This is a picture of the machine that fills the form for the wall with cement. The guys are up on the form guiding the cement. Then another guy shows up with a vibrator to settle the cement. You can just make it out in front of the guy in brown pants. No problem. 
Except when the truck with the cement doesn't show up until after dark? Three guys, one flashlight, cement truck and truck that the cement comes out of. How would you like this job. I lightened the picture some. All we could see was an arm and the flashlight. 

OHSA would have a fit. 


Kathy Tycho said...

You do such a good job of downtown pictures I dont even have to go. On Thursday night I was out for bingo and Eric said they had the pumper truck behind us at a screaming high idle for almost an hour. Even ear plugs didn't work...poor guy!

Carol and Bill said...

Don't know if we'll make it the whole winter here - dust is bothering Bill a lot. the hammering bothers me!