Sunday, December 23, 2018

Los Osunas Distillery Grinding the pinas Part 2

The third of three posts about the preparation of the liquid for tequila.So where was I - well my skirt was dry by now. The full bag ready to be moved to the grinder.

Untying the new bag.
The conveyor belt full of fiber.
Here you can see the liquid going into the tank and the worker taking the fiber out of the machine and putting it in the wheel barrel.

Kind of icky looking, John, Jackie and Bill tasted it. I didn't - too busy filming. Oh the trials of a videographer - miss out on so many things going on.
A closer look at the conveyor belt. I didn't realize there was water being sprayed on the fiber until I looked at these pictures. See how many things I miss.

Every time a new chunk of pina is put in a blast of steam comes from the conveyor belt.
Checking to make sure the oven is completely empty.
Taking out the last few little pieces.
Yep it is empty.
The bags waiting to be cleaned and dried until next time.
The last one has gone through, time to clean up.
Looking through the windows into the fermentation room. Tequila in the making. They play classical music while it is fermenting. The vibration from the music helps the process.

And here is the second video. Enjoy. Weighing the bag full of cooked pinas. Pushed over to the area by the grinder. These workers have known us for a long time. Sorry about the sun reflection. The workers taking a taste of the cooked pina. The rest of them going into the grinder. They are much heavier then it looks.
The steam when a new bulb is thrown in. The fiber moving up the conveyor belt. Emptying the wheel barrel. Again getting the little pieces. In the background another bag being weighed. Cleaning up after all are ground. 

Monday we are going back to check out the actual turning of the fermented liquid into tequila. No idea what we will see.


Mark said...

What do they do with the fiber after they are done with the process, I'm thinking put it back on the fields for fertilizer.

Carol and Bill said...

I'll find out tomorrow