Monday, December 3, 2018

More meandering Mazatlan

Just some more pictures from the day we were meandering around the Centro Historico. This building was restored on the outside about three years ago. They were also working on the interior. But then the restoration stopped... I see there is fencing in front of the area they were working on a few years ago. Will take closer look next time we go by there. Hopefully the restoration is on again. Beautiful building.
Waling back towards the car. This building seems to get repainted every other year. Always blue. This is a particularly vibrant BLUE. It is an apartment building now.
The building on the right is the Topolo Restaurant. We ate there a year or so ago. Beautiful inside.
I happened to look up and see this. No idea what it's purpose it.
We were walking down Constitucion. It has a mixture of small businesses and private homes.
This is a doctor's office. Looks like they need to finish the paint job.
Give this a wide berth.
Just getting to the Plazuela Machado again. Like the old clock. The building behind it houses Pedro and Lola Restaurant. At one time long ago it was a movie house. Built in the late 1800's
Just a pano of the plazuela.
This building is getting a new face and something done up on the roof. The green plaster is being chipped off. Small motos, the vehicle of choice of a lot of the construction workers.
The cement machine up and over part of the plazuela to the top of the green building. Be interesting to see when it is finished.
The front of the Hotel Machado has been painted again. The hotel is very quaint inside. Interesting tables and chairs.
A closer look at one of them. I kind of like them. The waiter told Bill he just didn't like the looks of white plastic tables and chairs. Good for him.

This is just a slab of what looks like wall board stuck next to the utility box in the plazuela. 
The other side of it. Always something fun and or interesting to see if one takes the time to look around.
This building holds Events - wedding receptions 15th birthdays etc. They were making this Baby's Breath arch when we went by earlier. Sure smelled good.
We went back to the Machado for dinner that night - getting for the event. Lots of lighting and flowers inside.
One of the restaurants. Gala - they are having a Tango Night with Argentine dinner next week. The tile floor is beautiful. Thursday through Sunday they put tables in the closed off street also.
Heading towards the parking lot. More and more buildings are putting these signs in their windows. The red trucks that carry passangers, the Pulominas and Safaries - the golf cart type taxis like to play their music at an ear splitting level You can hear them from blocks away. The new mayor says he is going to enforce the existing law about noise levels.
This is the Melville Hotel - Named that because Herman Melville stayed there for a while. It is a rather high class assisted living hotel now.
Back in the car. Wow purple. Like the flower design. 
Bill heading into the watchmaker. Good thing we know where he is, the sign has disappeared.
Just some colorful buildings down the street. 
This was a big dirt lot - used to be parking lot - when we left in the spring. Now it is half finished, it will be stores on ground floor and supposed to be a multi level parking garage. That would be good. 
Just like the looks of this. 
I'll finish the day in another post. The drive home and our evening out in the Plazuela Machado. 
The work continues next to and behind us getting closer and closer to the fence every day. Hard to keep up with the dust.


Barb said...

Are the bars on the windows and doors for security or decoration or both? Seems like they are on all doors and windows there, even on the second stories.

SandyM said...

Carol, you do find the most interesting things to photograph - like elephants in Mazatlan - looking forward to what is next!

Carol and Bill said...

Both security and decoration.

Carol and Bill said...

seems like we always see something we haven't seen before

Kathy Tycho said...

I told my sister to read your blog for a real good look at Mazatlan and what it has to offer. Nice job!

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you - if nothing else I take a lot of pictures. So many things to take pictures of.