Thursday, December 20, 2018

Some of the construction going on all around us.

Thought I'd post some shots of all the construction going on around us.
The HUM of the machinery kinds of just becomes white noise. But when the dump trucks shake their boxes to get the last of the dirt out it sounds like dynamite. And it only happens off and on - did I mention jump out of my seat! This is the wall right behind us - on the east end of the RV park. The concrete goes to the little palm tree on the right. They will be putting up the forms for another section today sometime. Then the cement trucks will show up - hopefully before dark. 
My post from Sunday showed the workers pouring the cement into the form in the dark. Crazy. 
Now this is on the south side of the park. They are still clearing the brush. Bulldozers and dump trucks. Hope the wind keeps blowing the other way - away from us. But then we'll get it from the north side. Close door run AC. The buildings you can see on the right are right on the beach. 
A closer look at the dump trucks to the south.
South west - they've cleared a lot of land here. This is a different company then the original one north side of us. 

Looking directly towards the ocean. This is another plot of land that some company started to clear last Wednesday. They were in a hurry, completely cleared, leveled and a new fence all the way around it. No idea what might go in there. So all side of the RV park now have construction going on. Well all except the the street side. And all the dump trucks are coming and going on the street. Loads here don't have to be covered so street is not only noisy but full of dust, dirt and brush. It sounds like the dirt will reach the level of the top of the wall...Some mountain somewhere is disappearing. 
Back to the north side,  the side they've been working on since last spring. This is immediately over the cement wall. Bringing in loads and loads of dirt that has to be graded and packed down. 

The wall is lower here then other areas, I can actually see over it. On the right is the RV park.
I started this a couple of days ago, today the wind isn't blow yet so Bill took the drone up to 400 feet to get a good look at what is going on all around us. Amazing, the still photos show nothing. The video starts out looking north then goes around to behind us - east - and continues to show what is going on south of us. Then back past the road and ocean to look north again. Too bad there isn't sound with it. So many machines doing their thing. 
The first frames of the video you can see one of the construction workers on our side of the concrete wall. He is breaking off nails that stuck to the concrete from the wood framing. 
As the drone looks to the east you can see the grader RIGHT next to the wall behind us. The only part of the wall around the park that is not completed is right behind the white fifth wheel. It should get done today. Then it will turn left - east - and continue to the far edge of their property. The construction to the south is not putting up any walls yet. 
They are constructing some sort of building to the north of us right in the middle of the field.
There was another of the big microwave towers right up beside the houses on the eastern side of the construction. A couple of NIGHTS ago it was taken down. Yep - night - in the dark -got up in the morning and it was all gone. We could hear them working all night, but didn't see any lights...

Thank you Bill for the great video.


Belgique said...

Wow. And that was such a nice quiet park in 2016. With all that surrounding development I wonder if they will sell out? Enjoying your posts everyday.

Carol and Bill said...

We are all wondering the same thing

Barb said...

it is too bad they took out all those beautiful palm trees. They could have used them somewhere else.