Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Bill where are you going?

Just thought I'd post a picture worth a 1000 words. 
We had just returned from visiting the doctor. Doctor says he is doing fine, everything progressing the way it should. Go see him Saturday to have stitches removed.
Here is a video from the Plazuela Machado from a week ago Sunday. A group was line dancing - it took them about half way through the song to get it together. The guy in the gray shirt looked like the only one who knew what he was doing. When my computer crashed a few weeks ago I lost my video editing program - so had to PURCHASE a new one. Not sure I like it but will keep practicing with it. I did this video with the new software. Took me forever. Wish I could give it back...too late now.
Well nuts I should have waited another day! A wonderful young man who works with the RV repair person had told me he had Movie Maker - the program I lost - on disk and he would give it to me. That was a while ago and I know they are very busy and he probably forgot. A knock on the door late yesterday afternoon and there he stood with his flash drive. Helped me install it on my laptop. I wanted to hug him and tell him I loved him - but controlled myself. Thanked him profusely. He didn't want any payment for it. Another reason why we love Mexico.
Another rather pretty sunrise yesterday. I'm seeing a lot of them lately. See the jet trail.

 Went out for a very short walk yesterday afternoon. Passed these Chakalakas . They are one of the loudest birds I've ever heard. And they love to make noise. Not real good in flight but they sure can run and chase each other. Since all of the construction a whole bunch of them have made the RV park their home. 
 I walked up to the street to see the front of the construction site on our north side. A year and a half ago it was thick jungle. Guess this is going to be the entrance road. Way back in the middle of the picture is where the homes are being built. I "heard" the houses will sell from US $100,000 to 150,000. "Heard"
 A few of the trees are still around at the front of the property. 
 This is what it kind of looked like, big trees but now all the smaller stuff and brush has been removed.
Back by our place. That cement wall is 6 feet tall, that is how much dirt has been brought in. When Bill gets feeling better hopefully he'll take the drone up again. Amazing what has been done there. 
Yesterday the base of the microwave tower came down. Knocked it over with a bulldozer then dumped the blocks into a dump truck. Sounded like a bowling alley most of the day. 
I want his job that is all he has done for two days. Sit on the wall with his cell phone. Guess he is supervising the clean up of the microwave tower's base...???
All of this crap. Dump truck after dump truck being loaded.


Janet said...

Good to see Bill up and around!
At the rate the building site is progressing there will be curtains in the windows before you leave! N

Carol and Bill said...

He is getting a little better, but tires easily and quickly. Finally getting him to eat though. Maybe a little excursion tomorrow away from dust and dirt and diesel.

Contessa said...

So wonderful to see Bill up and walking. Eating is a good sign. Everyday he will be stronger.

Unknown said...

Bill was getting cabin fever needed to get out. Looking good standing straight not bent over. My Mom had her Gaul bladder out . She was younger.

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