Thursday, January 3, 2019

Copala, MX Part 2

So today I'll finish our visit to Copala. Sorry but there are a lot of pictures. I left off just before we went to have lunch in Alejandro's restaurant. It is in the old mine museum/hotel. 
Just a picture of the front veranda of it. Love the big fern. 
Some pictures of the inside. This is from the front door looking back at the other rooms.
Behind the front room. This is where we ate. 
Just some of the areas in the restaurant. Some open spaces, some enclosed. Lots and lots of plants everywhere. You can see some of the old roof in this one.
An old container painted up and used as a planter now.
The very back room of the restaurant.
A patio area between the rooms. 
Liked the look of the upper floor with all the vines around it. Did I mention it was a perfect day to be there. Mid 70's and bright blue sky. 
We were wondering why the lower part of this door and the area where the plaster was gone was outlined in black. Just an artistic touch? 
Old adobe bricks coming apart with age. 
Old storage room. 
Just a small window like opening in the thick wall.
After our meal I was the only one to get a piece of banana cream pie. It was so good. 
This mine wagon was out in front of the building when it was the old museum and hotel/restaurant. The sign on the wall is the new sign. 
John, Jackie, and I took a short walk up behind the building. Thought this gate guarding an empty field was interesting. 
Looking through the hole in the gate, it doesn't show but the bush had lots of tiny yellow flowers on it.
A restored home up on the hill. We turned down the street back to the main road. See the road drop off. Jackie and I learned quickly that our sandals were not made for going down cobblestones. 

A taxi/truck coming up the hill. It was a really steep hill. 
A building that at one time was used as an artesian gallery. Empty now. 
A look inside one of the windows. 

A green gate - no idea what is behind it. But there was a nice house attached to it. 
Bill picked us up as we reached the main street and we headed towards home. But still a lot to see and wonder about.  
I've always thought this building has got to have some kind of very interesting history. And what happened to the other half of it. Or was there ever a other half? 
A closer look at the stairs on the corner. When did the first person walk up them. Was it an Indian? A Spaniard or a miner. 
It is always laundry day. Look how quickly the side road drops elevation. 
Looking down one of the steep cobblestone streets. I like this town because it is so different from the rest of the little towns we often visit. Really an old world feeling to it. It is easy to  imagine the Spanish and miners walking these same streets.
Same houses I took pictures of when we were coming in. Sorry I just like the looks of them. One of the wider parts of the street. The cobblestones are really rough here. 
Looking up a walkway. Sure wouldn't want to have to carry my groceries up those stairs. 
A good view of the road out.There are two roads from the main highway. We go in on the wider road past the cemetery and school and go out on this narrow one. This one is smoother but better not meet any oncoming traffic. 
So much green vegetation this year. A house almost hidden on the hill. See the big cactus. 
They sure have a lot of plants along that balcony. This is the building on the main road where you turn into town. It looks awfully big to be a house. No idea what it is. 
As we leave Copala and come to the main road to Mazatlan we got a laugh about the bus stop seats.
Here is a dash cam video of us leaving Copala on a different narrow cobblestone street. You go in one way and come out the other. It is kind of blurry as neither of us thought to clean the windshield. But fun nonetheless. 

Today we went to another new restaurant. Another blog. 


Yvette said...

Don't apologize, loved seeing the town.

Carol and Bill said...

It is one of my favorite places to visit. Next time there I'm going to wear walking shoes and do more exploring - like stepping into another century

Janet said...

Great post! Would love a piece of that banana cream pie!

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