Friday, January 18, 2019

I have to stop and think - what day is today. This week has kind of just run together. So my laptop is telling me it is Friday. This was the sunrise this morning. Yep up early enough to watch again. I've been going to sleep around 9:00 so up early. Plus that was the only time the TelMex Internet worked.
Though I have to say that it is now 9 p.m. and the Internet was working when I got home an hour ago and is still working???
The work next door continues full force. Notice how high the truck is Almost as high as the over 6 foot cement wall. Sure will be glad when all the filling in is done. 
 They are moving right along on building the houses too. Be interesting to see how they look when finished. 
 This is the base of the tower they are taking down. Wonder what they plan on doing to it. Jackhammers??NO NO  The dirt is almost to the top of the wall on this side too. In fact they were grading and compacting part of it when I left for the hospital this afternoon. 
 The guys working on taking the tower down. The pieces are tied to the rope and lowered to the ground. I don't see any safety harnesses. They are up there with wrenches and screw drivers!
 Getting ready to take the triangle piece down. 
Spent part of this morning and some of the afternoon in the hospital with Bill. Saw several different doctors. They finally decided he will be able to come home tomorrow. I feel it is too soon as there isn't an easy way to get into the bed in this RV. Might have to open the sofa bed for him. But don't think he will like that. We was up walking several times today and the drain tube was not leaking quite as bad as it was yesterday. His chest is still quite congested but doctors said as soon as he is up and about more it will start to clear up. He finally got a little hungry too. Had some melon and chicken soup. He hadn't eaten since Tuesday noon. No wonder he feels weak. So Saturday should be interesting. 
I have to tell on myself. When I left the hospital this early evening I called our Canadian friend Mark who is staying in a condo right across just down the street from us and asked him if he'd go to dinner with me. Then I at least would have a decent meal. He said sure and we'd meet at the Torres restaurant. Well our friends who went to the plaza on Sunday night are staying in the Torres hotel so I sent them a text. It said, "Going to meet Mark at your restaurant in 20 minutes." Off it went. Got a text back FROM MY SON "Not me."   Crap I sent to the wrong person. So I sent back to son, "No not u."  I wonder if he is wondering who Mark is and why I was meeting him for dinner while his dad is in the hospital. Maybe I should call him.
The Internet is still working...the handyman, Rafael was checking the line and connections from the RV to the pole. He also called for a technician - be here in 3 to 5 days. It wasn't working when I left for hospital. So don't know what happened. fingers crossed as we need that line to watch TV.  So now I have two Internets. 


Grandma on the Road said...

I was wondering if you might have to actually cook, but you seem to have solved the problem! Can you get takeout delivered when Bill gets home? Maybe go for a ride to and from one of those little vehicles??? JudyJB

Contessa said...

Yes the bed is going to be an issue. I would try to explain to the doctors how tight you living situation is. I agree, another day or two at the hospital is called for especially if Bill remains so very congested.

Janet said...

Thanks for the update, have been very worried. Hope everything goes well today
Give Bill a hug.

Barb said...

Hope Bill continues to improve and things go well once he gets back home. I am curious why they are building those homes up so high? Is that in case of a hurricane and flooding? Looks like those houses are really crammed in together!


Carol and Bill said...

He is home and made it into bed okay - now asleep. Luckily hospital van brought him home so he didn't have to climb into our jacked up jeep. Lungs are clearing, they prescribed a nebulaizer with three meds to used couple times a day.

Carol and Bill said...

I probably will be doing light cooking, he isn't interested in eating yet. Can always run across the street to get take out.

Carol and Bill said...

He is home an d smiling to be in his own bed. Still a little congested and still draining a little. After good sleep and some food he will hopefully start to improved. Only been 72 hours - seems like weeks.

Carol and Bill said...

they are crammed together - here they are referred to as pigeon holes. they say the added dirt is for drainage - it slopes towards the street. most of this area is sandy swampy dirt - used to be jungle. So maybe to stabilize the dirt.