Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sights around town

So yesterday I was outside trying to figure out what to take a picture of so I'd have something for my blog. Can't post without pictures! A couple walked past the back of the Jeep and the along the side. When they got in front the lady and I smiled at each other and she said, "Hi." They came over to where I was taking a picture of my hibiscus flower and we started to talk. They knew me - from the blog - and were walking through Las Jaibas looking for the Jeep. It is always such a pleasure for me to meet someone who actually reads the blog. Makes it all worth while. We talked for a bit and they left. After they left I was embarrassed to realize I didn't ask them their names or where they were from. Shame on me. I was so flattered they read the blog my manners fell out of my head. So if you are reading this. Please forgive me. We would love to get together with you for lunch or something while you are in town. 
Me trying to figure out what button I pushed to make my face show up on my laptop screen. Looks like I have a horn coming out the top of my head. 
Went to centro for a hamburger with Mark yesterday. Walked around a little after eating. Again a picture of my favorite building. Notice through the window you can see the sky. Guess no upper roof. 
Love, love,love the tile work. Building dates back to the late 1840's .The tiles came from Spain. 
Even under the balconies. 

For some reason the blog won't let me type in the space above this
picture. I just like the looks of the building. It used to be an art gallery now it is a bar/restaurant.
Interesting colors n the picture below. Wish there wasn't so much shade. An art gallery. 
Some new graffiti. 
Look at the bushes growing under the balcony. 
Where's Bill - oh he stopped to help the pretty girls get their pictures taken. 
Very colorful building - it is actually more YELLOW then it looks here. 
Graffiti in the parking lot. 
Across from the central market. Look at the mess of wires.
Speaking of wires. Do you suppose someone really gets electricity from this. Or is it just junk?
A mural of the Virgin of Guadalupe in a closed window area.
Just colors and different styles of buildings. 
Caught my eye as we drove past it. Always see something new. 
This has just been repainted. Interesting choice of colors. 
Another mural I caught as we passed it. Don't know what the building is used for. 
This restaurant used to be yellow and bright green. Think I like this better. Hum my right shift key is not working right [ or maybe my little bent pinky isn't strong enough any more.] So might be missing come upper case letters here and there. 
This morning we captured a lot of tourists and took them to El Quelite for breakfast. More on that tomorrow. I think my display device is still acting up. When I look at pictures there is a wave on the screen that wasn't there before. If it doesn't get worse I can live with it until I get home and take it to the Geek Squad.


Mark said...

It was a good day for sure.

Doug and Nancy said...

I remember meeting you. It was pretty exciting since I had followed your blog for a while. It's like meeting a part of your family that you didn't know you had!!!

Plus.......Bill makes great crepes!!!!!

Carol and Bill said...

Thanks - wish you were here

Carol and Bill said...

Glad you enjoyed it

Kathy Tycho said...

Ah the invisible blog readers that follow our least the Jeep makes you not so much!

Carol and Bill said...

I know don't you wonder if any one is reading? It is always a surprise to run into someone who follows you.

Doug and Nancy said...

Oh, so do we our friends!!!

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