Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sunday Evening in Mazatlan

Finishing up Sunday - in the morning we went to La Noria. In retrospect I realize Bill was not feeling his usual outgoing self that day. 
Anyway that evening we went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner with friends, John and Jackie, and music. Still playing with Google Maps - I'll figure it out yet. It is 15 miles from the RV park to the historic district. The traffic was bumper to bumper, have never seen it like that on a Sunday night.
 More Google Maps - it is pretty up to date, this was last year. 
Our friend John playing around in the parking lot. Angel or Demon?
And the plaza was full of people. We were there kind of early for Mazatlan around 7:00 and the restaurant was full. Have never seen this many people in this restaurant. So good to see - and surprisingly enough we got "OUR' table. The only one no one was at. 
 The Gala Restaurant next door was full too. 
 Lots of people up and dancing to the music. 
 After eating we walked around the plaza. An older woman setting up her wares for sale. 
 Pedro and Lola Restaurant had a blues group playing. They were full too. 
 Just some photos of the plaza. It looks pretty at night. We were hoping the Christmas lights were still up, but they got them down early this year. 

Walking back to the parking lot. This building looks pretty at night. It is empty inside and being used as a parking lot.  
Well now to the elephant in the room. We went across the street Monday morning for breakfast. Bill mentioned his stomach was not feeling good but thought a meal would help. Met Mark there, ate and then went to WalMart. All of sudden Bill wanted to leave the store. We got home in record time. Bill said he wasn't feeling good so just sat down to wait it out. He was looking worse and worse. Finally he said "I want to go to the hospital" - whoa! I said I would drive - nope he drove. By the time we got there he was gray and cold sweating and barely able to walk. We both thought Heart Attack. Got him into emergency. Most doctors spoke English. This is a fairly new hospital and close to the RV park. 
They determined it was NOT a heart attack but had not figured out what it was. They got him into ICU. By now he was in pain around the belly area. He was on pain meds and falling asleep I came home. 
Where I discovered that the canopy over the Jeep had blown half way down and was laying on the Jeep - I'd taken a taxi back and forth as I can't drive at night. Pulled the jeep out from under it and tried to stabilize it. Kind of got it secure and luckily the wind let up. Next morning a couple of guys from the park got it fixed. 
So drove back to hospital where Bill told me they'd diagnosed the problem. His gall bladder was full of stone and inflamed. It had to come out - waiting to drive back to the US. Even a plane wouldn't let him on to fly back. So...because he is on blood thinners they decided to wait until this morning to do surgery. Doctor talked to me and explained everything. One thing they are stressing is his heart is in very good shape. Any way they moved him to a private room. TV - with English channels, recliner and big couch. Bigger than the RV!
Nurses speak both Spanish and English. That way I know what is going on. 
 Surgery will be at 11 this morning. Right now we have Internet but lately by afternoon it is iffy. So will post when I can.
Even here we can't get away from construction. Looking out his window. 
Sunset last night. I swiped this from a friend cause I missed it. 


Mark said...

You just can't catch a break getting away from all the construction. I'm here if you need anything. Prayers and good thoughts sent your way.

Contessa said...

So great that you had Mark there to help as needed. Only Bill would drive himself to the ER.

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