Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunrise, sunset and construction in between.

Don't know how often I'll be blogging for the next week or so. How many times can I say Bill is doing better. He came home yesterday about noon. Was glad to be home but still feeling crappy. Just worn out and weak. I had to remind him he hadn't eaten much since Monday. 
This was the sunrise Saturday morning. Just stood outside and watched it for a while. 

 Construction continues all around us. This is what was left of the microwave tower yesterday around noon. Two guys up on tower, another one to guided the pieces down a rope to the ground. 
Last nights moon - wish I'd gotten a better picture of it. But just happened to notice it when neighbors mentioned it.  

These were taken this morning. The  big construction work shuts down around noon Saturday and they stay home until Monday morning. So it is usually quiet here over the weekend. However this weekend the guys on the tower are still working. Not much of it left now.  
 At last the dirt is level with the cement wall so hopefully some of the noise around us will stop. No more dump trucks right here. But still dumping behind us. Ugh. 
 The work on the pigeon holes continues, they are going up fast. Windows in front and back only. About 1 1/2 foot between units. 
 All the compacted dirt next to us. Cant put any more dirt there or it will come over wall. 
Bill is doing much better today after a kind of good nights sleep. He's been up and eating. Thank goodness for chicken noodle soup and fresh fruit. Will get him up again in a little bit to watch a soccer game and get more food in him. Luckily he has had no pain at all. Just feels achy and uncomfortable. I went to WalMart this morning to get a couple of packs of water and fresh fruit and whatever I could find that he might like. He slept the whole time I was gone. 
The TelMex technician came by yesterday and rewired the junction box for the Internet so hopefully it will continue to work. So right now we have two sources for Internet, but only the TelMex works with Dish Anywhere for TV.
He stayed up for the whole soccer game, Barcelona won 3 - 1 it was a good game. 
Not much else to say, will write if have something to say. Otherwise all is well. 


SandyM said...

Always good to read your posts. Happy to hear Bill is doing well and sleep is a good thing these first few days home. You are taking good care of him.

Contessa said...

Poco a poco, time is the greatest healer. Sleep and food help. Hugs to you both.

Carol and Bill said...

Between the construction and the surgery hasn't been a fun year. Just want to go home.

Carol and Bill said...

some improvement every day