Friday, March 29, 2019

All about Us.

If I don't write about us I don't have much to write about now. The gardener came over yesterday morning to reassure us that our plants were doing fine. The first thing he told us was that we cannot plant my Mexican cactus in the ground here in Nevada. It simply will not be able to live here. He suggested putting it in a bigger pot so it can continue growing. So guess that means every time we go traveling it will have to come with us. Out on the back patio with the rooster. 
Bill's jasmine is growing like crazy, guess it liked the winter cold and where it is it is protected from most of the winds. You can see the shed here too. Yesterday we went and bought the paint so it will match the house. Strange picture - the house is NOT yellow. Anyway need to wait until the wind stops blowing then will hose the dust off and paint the shed. Personally I think it looks better than the house now. 
All of our lantanas have been cut way back and looked dead to me. But Mr Rivera again assured us they will be fine. Some are already sprouting new leaves. And the new leaves were what the bunny was interested in the other day. Got to get the mothballs out and spread. 
There is a palm tree growing right in the middle of this lantana plant. 
And there are two palms growing in the middle of this plant. They need to come out. They're only a couple of inches high.
I was almost sure this bougainvillea was DEAD, but there are new leaves on it way down at the bottom. 
The window boxes out front. The artificial plants in them look crappy. We forgot to remove them when we left for the winter so they discolored and lost a lot of their leaves from the winds. So, of course, we are now told we cannot have more than two artificial plants in the front yard. New rules about artificial plants. So guess the planters will remain empty. Not putting anything that needs to be watered all the time in them. 
The gardener also told us the ocotillo is fine, it actually has a bloom, see arrow - but not one single leaf. I was complaining because all the ones we saw in Arizona on the way home were full of leaves and blooms. "Remember, this is Las Vegas, not Arizona. Things don't react the same here as they do in Arizona and Mexico," I was told by Mr Rivera. Okay. But if it doesn't start looking a little better than this I'm sure we'll get told it can't stay there. 
We have three bougainvilleas on the other side, south side, of the house they too looked pretty sad to us the day we got home. However, when we walked around yesterday they all had some new green sprouts and leaves. Again can't compare them to ones growing in Mexico. 
This one look really good. 
The patio with all the artificial flowers on it. 
Did a few errands yesterday. One was taking both laptops into the Geek Squad in Best Buy. I went on line and made the appointments. Got to the store and were told, nope we didn't have an appointment. Yes, we did I even had the conformation number. Turns out I assumed - yes I know - I had made the appointments for the Henderson store, but no I'd made them for a different store. I had put Henderson Best Buy in the computer and never checked to make sure that is what I got. Oh, well. Taking them in Monday - to right store.
Also went to WalMart to get some things for the RV and a few groceries. I know I'll make some mad with these comments BUT - when did it become okay to take your dogs shopping with you everywhere. I don't want to use a cart for my groceries when a dog has been sitting in it. Also, in the grocery department an employee was guarding a part of the floor waiting for special equipment to clean up the dog pee!!!!  Sorry folks, hire a dogsitter.  None of the dogs we saw were service dogs.
Today and tomorrow NASCAR. 
Afterthought - if you read Contessa's blog you saw a picture of our gardeners truck. 


Grandma on the Road said...

I agree 100% about the dogs sitting in grocery carts. I don't even like the idea of them sniffing things on shelves, and I certainly don't like them peeing on the floor!! I saw two dogs sitting in carts the other day (and one was drooling, yuck) and thought about having to put my groceries in those carts someday!!

Kathy Tycho said...

The rule should be no dogs anywhere food is served or sold. No we aren't dog haters just good mannered adults. I agree I just dont get it! Not allowed in Canada.

Carol and Bill said...

It just seems like there are so many in every kind of store these days. Hopefully restaurants won't be pressured into allowing it.

Carol and Bill said...

We don't hate dogs either but leave them home when going out shopping. And for heavens sake don't take them with you and leave them in the car.

Barb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barb said...

I agree about keeping dogs out of places that sell food. There must be laws about that. Living in CA, I see dogs in stores all the time.

Maybe you could put small metal sculpture items in those window boxes if they aren't too heavy.


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