Monday, March 11, 2019

Carnaval is over so we headed to Centro

Didn't notice the hole in the flower when I took the picture. Had to go look and sure enough a tiny hole.
The morning after the end of Carnaval we drove over to the Centro Historico. It was about 9:30 in the morning and the night before there had been a big parade on this stretch of the Malecon. It was amazingly clean! Not a scrap of paper or one can or bottle anywhere. The city workers must have worked all night.
I like the sun glass vendors, their glasses are so colorful. 
Still a few porta potties along the way.
The closer we got to the main area where all the bands etc were the more signs of Carnaval remained.
Additional bathrooms.
A lot of the beer Pacifico stands were still up in this area.
Hum, never saw that directional arrow before.
And around the corner we went. The streets we usually take into the center of town were still blocked off. At one time I think I saw a sign saying this is a BandB. It sure is a different building. Also several sculptures in yard on the right. 
Just like the way this picture turned out. Abandoned building.
We were on streets that we haven't been on lately. The problem is most of the streets in this area are one way. But usually there is no sign as to which way is the one. Hopefully you can see cars parked along the curb that are going the right way.
This area is mostly homes. Like the color combinations here. Nice sidewalks and repaved street.
Again just like the picture. Notice the up stairs of the green building. No roof. Not sure if the downstairs is being used or not. 
Into our favorite parking lot in Centro. I really really like this portrait. The artist even painted the thread in the black button. 
The besame mucho signs show up in weird places all over town.
The building on the left is being remolded. The worker in the middle of the street is sweeping the dirt dropped there with a broom.  
Is this purple or lavender? It kind of changes color with the sunlight. Only the exterior of the building is standing. It is now a parking lot inside.
This is the old Beach Burger restaurant. Looks like it is now a Taco Restaurant. It wasn't open yet as we passed by early in the day.
Another view of the building being remodeled. It was a very ugly building the remodel is supposed to make it look more like the older building surrounding it. Sure hope so. 
Some of the buildings in the same area.
Stopped at Via Condotti for breakfast on the sidewalk. I ordered waffles and for some reason got fried potatoes and scrambled eggs???  - Oh well I ate them. Bill ordered omelette and fried little potatoes. 
The meals were good. He was trying out food to see if it bothered him. It didn't. 
Right on the main street building a three story parking garage. They are getting a lot done quickly. Hope it is in keeping with the surrounding buildings and not an eyesore.
A coupe of building that need a lot of maintenance work. Ugly. Next to so much beauty.
Haven't taken a picture of the church in a long time. Very busy as it was Ash Wednesday. 
 Pigeons in the square. you can buy feed for them. Carnaval decorations still up on the City Hall.
 Hum...where did he come from? 
 Strange things walk around here. 
 This is a fancy spa now. 
 Another outdoor cafe. Little by little some of the abandoned buildings are being repaired and reopening as businesses. 
 Same purple building. Building next door is a Senior Citizen home - also was a hotel where Herman Melville stayed many years ago. 
 Plazuela Machado Carnaval decoration. Interactive. She was brave - no handrails on those stairs up. 
 As many times as we've drivenpast this senor Frogs in Centro I never noticed the upstairs painted window and singing frog.
 Still taking down some of the bleachers from Carnaval along the Malecon
 Do you think that is legal?
 Price of fuel continues to go up  It is now US $3.92 a gallon for unleaded. Going to be expensive to fill the RV for the trip home. 
This was probably our last trip to the old town area. Today we are going to El Quelite with friends. Tomorrow don't know. Wednesday getting RV washed and waxed and doing some cleaning [hope to leave a little bit of the dust here ] inside and putting things where they belong for the trip. Maybe run a couple of last minute errands. 'Cause we are leaving Thursday. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I think the frog in window of Senor Frog's is new as we took his photo last week as well.

Carol and Bill said...

I wondered how I'd missed it.