Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mazatlan to Los Mochis

Hello from Los Mochis.
Guess what. Today, the day we leave, they are starting to build the back wall! Oh well.  
Got things more or less ready to go then went over to Torres for breakfast. Wanted to say "Bye." to everyone. A pleasant way to begin the day. 
 Stopped to gas up. Left the gas station at 10:00
Only a 240 mile trip up the autopista - toll road. And I do mean TOLL. Cost us 67 dollars today. For a road that was a piece of crap. Of the 240 miles maybe, maybe 50 total miles was a good road. We got shook to pieces! The drawers were falling out. The outside mirror came loose and something is going on with the fresh water tank. We are leaking like crazy. 

What the heck are these three guys doing out here in the middle of nowhere with their wheel barrel. 
 Accident up ahead. 
 Every once in a while for no reason there is a rumble strip across the road. Like the holes in the road weren't making us go slow enough. This is one of the few sections that was fairly good, so they added these. 
 Lots of different trees blooming along the way. 

Oops- shake rattle and roll. lost something on the mirror. It is now tilting quite a bit. Can see where it is coming up out of its neck. 
 Sweeping the highway with a broom. At least he is in orange and has a cone. 
 Speaking of orange. Bags of oranges for sale along this stretch of roadway. But no one around to take any money. 
 An agriculture inspection just south of Guasave.
They said we had to pay 100 pesos to get sprayed. So we paid the 100 pesos but told them not to spray. I didn't see anything around that could spray even if anyone wanted to be sprayed. But we did insist on a receipt. See how this day was going?

Finally an almost decent part of the road. At 3:00 - five hours after we left we pulled into the Smart Gas. So we gassed up, drove back into the secure parking in the back and went up to the Elba restaurant for dinner. We both  had milinesa and french fries and salad. 
So anyway. Have the generator running and my TelCel MiFi working - who could ask for more. So far Bill's dinner seems to be agreeing with him. 
I'm hoping to get some video off of the dash cam that shows how horrid the road was. But probably wont do that until I have a good wifi connection. 
Tomorrow on to San Carlos. And the road shouldn't be quite as bad. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Just what I expected to hear about the road. People in big motorhomes say fine..those of us in pick-ups and small rigs know better. Mochis north is mostly concrete so today will be better! We never go to the right at the agriculture stops..just follow the cars. Good luck!

Contessa said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this. I am passing it along to others.

SamIAm said...

I remember the roads. Couldn't believe we were expected to pay to drive on THAT. And then we drove 495 through Mass...

Yup. Could happen anywhere.

Grandma on the Road said...

I made it to LV and am staying at Willow Beach Marina. It was 66 and windy today, but is supposed to be 72 tomorrow. Yea!! I can finally warm up.

Carol and Bill said...

I know the I 40 in Oklahoma and Arizona used to be terrible - parts of it are better now.

Carol and Bill said...

Good to hear it is warming up. Right now Bill has the furnace running - got old here last night.

Carol and Bill said...

Not too much better to San Carlos Will post about it later.

Carol and Bill said...

More coming later today.

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