Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A Time to Relax - ALMOST

But we did pick a good time to come home. The weather is going to be great. Except we might get some rain and wind. As long as it is under 100 that's fine with me. 
We got home Monday before noon. We were in Seligman, AZ and watching the weather reports for heavy rain in parts of Arizona. The part we had to drive to get home was just on the edge of the weather. So we decided  to leave and get home. Left there about 7:00, stopped in Kingman for fuel and were home about 11:00 - 174 miles. The I-40 continues to need lots of work. Worse then the roads we complain about in Mexico in some places. Lots of construction going on though so someday it will be fine. 
Everything was great at the house. Our flowers have exploded.

The ones in our very narrow front (actually side yard) are spreading into the neighbors yard. 
So Monday after getting home, unhooking and going out to breakfast and the market we came home and started unloading. And unloading and unloading. So then everything was spread all over the house waiting to be put away. Got most everything put away by late afternoon. Went to wash my hands and discovered we had no water. Notice my phone was lite up - message from the office. Plumber was looking for leak, as soon as he found it it would be repaired and water would be turned back on. This included the entire community we live in.! GRR. After the water came back on I discovered a dead lizard in my bathtub. ISH. 
Time to sit down and do nothing. Which we both did the rest of the evening. 
Yesterday I vacuumed EVERYTHING inside the RV. Window sills, inside drawers and cupboards etc. I could hear all the red dust being sucked up. Then cleaned all the screens and around the windows and mopped. All the while doing loads of laundry. Everything from inside the RV was full of red dust. 
This morning I finished cleaning the inside bathroom and kitchen and polished all the wood. It has never been so clean. And Bill washed the outside. Said he wore out a scrubby trying to get all the bugs off the bumper.
And back into storage he went. He is stored here in the park only two blocks away and only $20 a month.  In a couple of weeks when the RV doc gets the part of the jacks that has been recalled he will go there. Also we need to have them check the "Oh this type of window will never leak" window in the bedroom that leaked a whole lot during one rain we were in. 
And next week the jeep will go to the welder to have the whole towing set up fixed. He says we are lucky we didn't lose the Jeep. We are pretty sure this happened a year ago when we hit the tope in Hermosillo, MX.
But something we went over on this trip loosened it up so it was obvious. Looking under the front end of the car at the broken weld. 
I am compiling all the info from the trip so will share it when it's ready. 
In the mean time. I'll probably be posting some more things from the trip that I didn't get to while traveling. 
It sure is good to be home!


Mark said...

Glad it was a successful trip for you two. And Bill didn't have to get anything removed from him, I'd call that a win. There is no place like home...

Carol and Bill said...


SandyM said...

That is a great Header Photo

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you - took it at twilight.