Friday, September 20, 2019

End of Canyonlands - drive to Monument Valley

Contrary to the title, Hello from Flagstaff, AZ  Bill is not a happy camper today. The road was horrid and the wind was strong enough to move us out of our lane a couple of times. More on that later.
First I want to finish with the pictures from Canyonlands. Didn't take many. We only stopped at a couple of view areas. Continuing on with the Shafer Overlook. Beautiful views every way we looked. 
 See all the old weathered wood there. Was hard to convince Bill not to pick any up. Like what part of go to jail do you not understand. It is pretty though. 

 On to the Green River Overlook. As we drove further into the park, up on the plateau the wind was getting stronger and stronger. 
 Opened the car door and it practically pulled me out of the car. Doesn't that look like a shark fin out there?
 Looking out over the Green River.  By now the dirt flying around was getting in our eyes, ears etc. And starting to sting our legs. 
 The river does actually look kind of green. I have wrap around sun glasses and the dirt was still getting into my eyes. 

 So we didn't spend much time there. Headed back to RV to get ready to leave the next day. 
 Our route from Moab to Monument Valley. Windy all the way. Thank goodness not much traffic. 
Another arch this one is called Wilson Arch. Taken out of a dirty windshield
 Beautiful scenery along the way. Not much traffic and pretty good road. But lots of wind. 
 Really weird rock formations. 
 Mexican Hat - see the sombrero turned upside down. Town is actually called Mexican Hat. 
 Going to cross the Colorado River. 6% grade down hill then a LEFT turn.
 No a left corner - a left TURN! Better not goof there. 
 Rafters on the river. 
 First view of Monument Valley. Spectacular. 
We managed to get a two day reservation at the KOA about 4 miles from the park. Nice campground, new. Gravel pull throughs, level. Full hookups.Weak WiFi but did manage to post a couple of things. Went for lunch at Goulding's restaurant and then into the park around sunset. Also went into the park the next morning early before the wind picked up. Over 300 pictures, will take a while to sort them. 
Wind has not stopped blowing for last five days. The RV probably weighs 10 pounds more from all the red dirt in it. Wipe it up and 20 minutes later it is just as dirty again. Going to have to spend a couple of days cleaning it. Everything feels grimy. 


Kathy Tycho said...

We hate, hate, hate the wind when RVing more than anything else unless it raining too and then we hate that more!!!

Mark said...

Bill I would post your bail, you know if a piece of that wood somehow was too be in your possession.

SandyM said...

Have so enjoyed all of your photos on this trip - we loved Cayonland. From somewhere in there we took a dirt road down to the Green River and drove back to Moab that way. What a drive, thrilling if you were on the outside going down that are bringing back such good memories for us. Thanks for sharing so much with your readers.

Carol and Bill said...

Haven't been able to get away from it for over a week now. This morning in Flagstaff it is just breezy but temps in high 30's. Tomorrow we go west on the 40 - hope wind is down as it can close that interstate

Carol and Bill said...

thanks a lot, now he is licking his lips wanting it.

Carol and Bill said...

We've talked about doing that road a couple of time but never did for some reason. We did do the Gemini Bridges one a few years ago. Up the side of the mountain from the main highway.

SandyM said...

Don't know that one. Being in WV we are so far from the Western National Parks but all of our national parks are a treasure. So glad you and Bill are out there enjoying them.