Friday, September 27, 2019

Little Bighorn Part 2

The continuation of our Little Bighorn visit.
There was so much to see at Little Bighorn National Monument and so much to learn. It was hard to fathom the carnage that went on in these now peaceful hills. We left in a rather sober mood.
To continue on where I left off.
 I tried to match my photos to the pictures on the information panels.

 I know this is kind of out of place but there were bazillions of grasshoppers all over. They were so thick some of the children visiting were afraid of them.
 The Indians were by the river in the trees.

 Could not get a good picture of this one, sun was just wrong. But It shows the military on the ridge.
Just kind of makes you grind your teeth. and shake your head.

Mean while Reno was in trouble.

I know this isn't readable but it explains how the bodies of the horses were found during some construction work. Only two of Custer's horses survived the battle.
Some of the soldiers were buried here and it is now an active Veteran's Cemetery.
Waling over to a separate monument. The headstone of an Indian. More coins and pebbles on it.

Pretty much sums it up.
Tomorrow back to regular blogging


Doug and Nancy said...

It is so striking when one visits this type of memorial what a terrible waste of everyone's lives these battles were. Why can't people just live in peace? Thanks for sharing the information. Sometimes, I don't think we, as humans, have improved much. Great post, Carol.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you. Wish we would be seeing you this year.