Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Moab, Utah

Right now we are in Moab, UT. The way the wind is blowing we might end up in Colorado! Rock and rolling!
We got to Moab yesterday afternoon. For a while I thought we would have to camp in the bushes somewhere. Who would have thought ALL of Moab's RV parks would be full this time of year. We finally managed to get two nights at ArchView - no there is no arch in view. Should be for the price $77 a night. Full hookups and good WiFi. Level pull through. We are at the end of one row so our view of the cliffs across the way is beautiful.
I spent almost the whole trip from Helper to here on the phone trying to find a place to stay. We were going to head west over to the I-70 but there were no openings in any of the campgrounds within our preferred driving distance. So we came this way. And will continue south to Monument Valley tomorrow. 
Yesterday afternoon we took a drive through Arches [another $30 saved with our Golden Age Pass And about old age  - I have NEVER seen so many older people in one place [except for maybe Branson, MI] as are here now. Whole states must be emptied of all their seniors.
Back to our drive. We didn't stop and walk up to any of the arches, this is about our fourth or fifth time here. But I did manage to get some pictures of the beautiful red rocks and blue sky.

Just a tease of pictures. Will do more later. This afternoon we went to Canyonlands. But the wind was so bad we didn't stay long. Even my ears have red dirt in them. This evening we went back to arches to watch the sunset. Fun. 


Mark said...

What a stunning place Moab is. I have too get there and see it for myself. Bucket list item for sure.

Kathy Tycho said...

We did Utah in 2016 and found the same problem trying to find RV spaces. You can see why it's so popular..stunningly beautiful. All the kids go back to school and all the grey hairs come out😂

Carol and Bill said...

you really need to go there.

Carol and Bill said...

Last time we were here was in July and the town was full of young people and kids. Who knew so many seniors would show up in September. We were lucky to find a place. We also got the last space at the KOA in Monument Valley for 2 nights!