Friday, September 6, 2019

More from Rock Springs

We are still in Rock Spring and right now watching a big thunderstorm heading towards us. Can hear the thunder and feel the wind already. Tomorrow we head further south to Vernal, UT. Should be a nice drive. Only going 110 miles. 
We are staying here at the Fairgrounds which is now called Sweetwater Events Complex. 
The RV park is $32.70 a night. Full hookups. Though Bill says who ever designed this place never had to hook to utilities. The water spigot is about 1 1/2 inches off the gravel. 
Each RV site is surrounded by a nice looking fence. No WiFi but our Verizon works good. 
Bill says the bathrooms are nicer then the ones we have at home!
When I was about 11 or 12 my Dad was doing business in Rock Springs. We lived at that time in Pocatello, ID. When he had to come over here he sometimes brought me with him. I remember it as an old looking town. Mind you that was 70 years ago. So we took off this morning to drive around the Historic District. After being in Rawlins where the downtown is full of life with all the old buildings occupied it was sad to see downtown Rock Springs. 
Oil, coal and ranching are the lifeblood of the town. 
 Noticed this rock sitting on a cliff right above a Napa Auto Store. Sure hope it continues to hang on where it is. Can see a lot of air around it though. 
 Monument to the sheep herders around here. 

Clock tower down town. 

 The road leading into downtown. 
 I wonder how long this sign has been up here. The building was empty.. 
 The brown wood building is sure narrow. It is an insurance office. 
Older style building. 
 Very nice big mural. A cowboy in the making. 

 This building is entirely i white and black tiles. There were several buildings in Rawlins and here in Rock Springs with tile fronts. 
Just liked this picture.
 On the outside of a Mexican Restaurant. 

Interesting building 
 This one is for sale. It is beautiful. 
 Montgomery Ward - That is an old sign.. 
More from Rock Springs when I have Internet. Going to watch a soccer game between Mexico and the US for a title.


Mark said...

You sure do go to some very interesting places. Thanks for taking us all along..

Grandma on the Road said...

I stayed in an RV park in New Mexico once where the water hookups were 6" down inside a compartment in the ground. My vertigo was acting up so I had to get someone from the office to hook up my water. Will not stay there again. Judy

Kathy Tycho said...

Love the trompe l'oeil paintings on the restaurant. Really look 3D! Lovely old buildings too.

Carol and Bill said...

Wait till you see where we are now!

Carol and Bill said...

You would think they would have someone who has had to use the hook ups design them. In our travels we've seen some disasters.

Carol and Bill said...

Great aren't they. I saw them as we passed the street and had Bill go back around the block so I could take their pictures.