Saturday, September 14, 2019

We are in Helper, UT

We moved again this morning. From Vernal to Helper, UT. Only about 107 miles on a very scenic route. 191 south. 
Got here around noon. We are staying at Blue Cut RV between Helper and Price. $35 a night, pull through, full hookups. But we had to park in the middle of the site to keep our satellite out from under a big beautiful tree. Also have to pay for WiFi about 2.50 a day for both of us. But it is fast so don't mind. We'll be here for tonight and tomorrow. Need to be someplace where I can get TV to watch the races. 
I'm feeling a little let down about myself. While in Vernal we were going to see the Indian Petroglyphs. Well we did go out to the area but didn't see any. Went about 50/75 feet up the trail and gave up. Could barely figure out where the actual trail was. Involved lots of climbing over rocks and trying to find handholds. I hate to admit I decided I couldn't do it. Bill was smarter than me, he didn't even want to go that far. Guess my brain has more sense then my body. Could we have made the climb, maybe. And maybe we could have sipped and broke something out in the middle of nowhere. 
Then we were going to go see Moonshine Arch. Got the directions, actually found the right dirt road and out we went. Then we got to the part where the directions said "If you have a high clearance vehicle you can make it." Well the Jeep is pretty high clearance...20 feet into the ruts and we were dragging the protective sheet of metal under the body. And we were still a ways from even being able to see the arch. So made a tricky turn around and headed home. Could we have made it by riding the higher parts of the ruts - don't know. Was it worth it to try? No. 
So today I'm pouting - age does have its restrictions I guess. I really hate to admit that. And tomorrow we have to decide which direction to take from here. The shorter way home down the I-15 [three to five days]or the longer way through Moab and Monument Valley [10 to 15 days]. Right now I'm thinking - go home. We've been traveling for 57 days already, just short of 3,000 miles. 


Grandma on the Road said...

If you want to see Petroglyphs, stop at Valley of Fire in your Las Vegas backyard and take the level walk to Mouse's Tank. There are thousands in the walls of that trail, and you don't even have to hike up hills. Sand is soft, however, so wear comfortable shoes. Judy

Carol and Bill said...

I remember seeing them several years ago. We also have seem some in the Sedona area. It just seemed like a good way to spend a day, until we got there.