Friday, November 15, 2019

A nice day and evening

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too humid. So we decided to take a ride up to El Mirador - the lookout point. A couple of years the old lookout had been destroyed by a storm. It took about a year to build the new one And it was well worth the wait. 
Anyway. Going through the little town of San Carlos there are some topes. If you don't slow down getting ready to stop - the tope will stop you. 
A sail boat being taken to the dry dock storage area. 
I never really paid too much attention to the shrine to the Virgin before. Never noticed the people kneeling to her.  
This used to be a very pretty almost looked real mural. Too bad no one takes care of it 
 The views from El Mirador
For years there was a heart made of rocks in this area. Last time we were here it was gone. I see someone has redone it. Good. 
Just the light reflecting on the water and a stray bird.  
 This part looks out over the ocean.
 Looking back towards the entrance and parking. Lots of  young palm trees.
 Bill watching the ocean. There were only a few other people there in the middle of the day. 
Looking south at the mountain that is usually in the background of sunset pictures taken across the street from the RV park. 
 Looking kind of north west. 
 All the cactus near the ocean fascinates me. Such a pretty area. Ocean and desert. Bill favors the ocean and I love the desert. 
 When they redid the area souvenir shops were added. Just some of the stuff for sale.
 From there we decided to go down by the Marina to walk around and enjoy the boats. Much to our surprise the parking area was closed off. To park it would cost 40 Pesos. Just to walk around for a few minutes. We didn't stop. Too bad the little stores along the Marina were barely staying open before this. We used to like to watch the ceramics painted there and sometimes buy things from him. Wonder how he is doing now.
Decided to go for late lunch/early dinner yesterday too. Went to a little restaurant withing walking distance of the RV park Name of Tourquesa. The view from their outside seating. 
 We opted to sit inside - the view is the same as the whole wall is glass - because of the pesky flies outside. Bill had a chicken mocajete - a first for him. And really enjoyed it. Said it was Very good. 
I had rib eye strip tacos. Three of them. Very good with avadaco, some kind of pickled cabbage, radish and cilantro. 
 I managed to eat most of them. 
Then we went back to El Mirador for the sunset.  

 This is basically the same picture as I took during the day. To me it looks like there are some islands out there in the distance. They didn't show up during the day. Imaginary?

 The vendors booths all lite up. 
Then back to the RV park.  It was a nice day. Good weather, pleasant views, good food and good company. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

While we grabbed a burger today the TV was on. On came a show called Pati's Mexican Table and she was visiting Mazatlan. It had the best tour of town. It also featured the owner of Panama's.
The first thing John said, he expected to see Bill or Willie in it!
Here's the trailer.

If I find the full episode I will send it to you.

Carol and Bill said...

Not yet, be another week before we are there.