Monday, November 25, 2019

A very busy Sunday

Sunday was a beautiful day. In more ways than one. Weather, food, friends and places. Here is Willie still under his bankie. No canopy for him this year. Too much trouble with the winds that come through here off and on. 
There is a new couple in the RV park, their first time here in Mazatlan. So we decided to go to El Quelite for breakfast and asked them along. Us and 2000? other people decided to go there. Forgot how busy it gets on a Sunday. Bill managed to find parking near the restaurant. Yep up on the sidewalk again. And we managed to get a table right away - helps to "know people."
Just part of one of the small gardens in the restaurant. It is where Lola the parrot is buried. 
 Good flute and guitar music to listen too. 
 Did not take many pictures just too crowded to even move around. The horses waiting out front for any one who wanted a ride. Haven't been on a horse in years - maybe I'll try it next time we are there. Just around the block with the owner hanging on to the reins. How bad could I do?
 He is not too sure about this. The adults are enjoying it more. Oh, before I forget. Remember all the beautiful bougainvilleas planted along the high way into town. THEY ARE ALL GONE. The road is being widened to four lanes! We asked and were told that they were removed but are being kept alive and will be replanted. I hope so. To read an older blog about El Quelite when we went there with Tioga George click here.
 We had only been home about 15 minutes when our friend Roberto and his family came to visit. So good to see them. 
 Managed a short nap then  visited with friends who were in town for two weeks. Up until this year they have driven their RV down here from Canada and stayed in the RV park. I sure miss visiting with them. 
The sunset set as we drove along the Malecon on our way to the Plazuela Machado to meet yet another friend for dinner. 

 Off the Malecon heading towards the Plaza. Colorful buildings. 
 In the parking lot there are a couple of new murals. Will have to go over there during the day where there aren't as many cars there to take some pictures. 
My angel - halo and all. . Although the lettering says demons... This was painted by the young man who did the murals on the Jeep and RV. 
 Parked and walking towards the Plazuela. Purple building. 
 One of the beautiful old buildings. Three restaurants in it. One on top. We ate where the red seats are and then there is another on to the far left. We went to listen to our friend of many years Raphael sing and play. See the platform on the bottom left.
 We got there a little early so walked around the plaza. The red door and window at the back is where Beach Burger used to be. It is now a Rin Rin Pizza.
 Just more of the old buildings all lit up at night. On the weekends the restaurants put more tables in the closed off street.  This is Pedro and Lolas. They have entertainment at night on weekends too.  
 A new restaurant, art gallery and hotel. Very interesting inside. 
 I like the glass shelving held up by the tree trunks. This are gallery used to be next to the old ugly bank building that is being remodeled. 
In the very back upstairs is the hotel.
 There are more tables outside. 
Well it is different - should be one of a kind. 
The floors are beautiful.  
And I am going to stop here because I think for the next few days we won't be doing much. Today we wait for the Internet lineman -and tomorrow the mechanic is coming to work on the jeeps air conditioning and we will probably still be waiting for the lineman. I have some videos to post but need good Internet to do it. And then it is supposed to start raining Wednesday until Friday. 
So saving some stuff to write about. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Oh no, how could they move the bougainvillea!!! And NO to a chain Rin Rin Pizza on the square!

Carol and Bill said...

Lots of changes here, most not to the good. Want to make it into another PV or Cabo for the young partiers.

Marla Terry said...

We had a wonderful time in El Quelite yesterday. It was a delightful taste of Mexican culture and beauty. Thanks for inviting us along

Kathy Tycho said...

You make me exhausted just reading what you did in one day!

Carol and Bill said...

It didn't seem that busy. But we did visit with a lot of people.

Carol and Bill said...

We'll have to do it again.

Contessa said...

I agree with what Kathy said. We haven' even been to the Machado yet. Only took that one trip to fine the hairdresser. We are still catching up on our rest form the trip down.