Saturday, November 16, 2019

How to feel like a real idiot

Yesterday morning we headed for Guaymas bright and early - well by 9:00 - to go to the TelCel office to get our Mexican MiFi loaded with data. I will use it until we get out Internet up and running in Mazatlan. We take the scenic route there. Along the estuary and the bay. 
Doesn't this look like a big ghost resting on the hill. Every year the "eyes" get a little bigger. 
 The town of San Carlos is across the water. The mountain in a lot of my sunset pictures is there. 
 Just as  we got to the main street in Guaymas we had to stop for a couple of guys dragging a huge coil of wire across the street. Believe it or not some people thought they could drive over or under it. Lots of yelling going on. 
 See the coil of line on the right  Also see the guy just starting up the ladder. All the time horns were honking and people were trying to drive through.
 He is taking the wire up the ladder with him. As soon as it was high enough the cars took off. 
 We got to the TelCel office and walked right up to a service window. And much to our surprise we got 8GBs for 500 Pesos. Years ago when we originally got the MiFi it cost 400 Pesos for 4 GBS, a couple of years we got 5GBs for 500 Pesos. Guess there was a promotion on this time. So we are set to go [I thought.]
Went into WalMart to get Haagan Dazs dulce de leche ice cream. My most favorite in the world. But first passed these. Guess here they have ugly T-shirt parties. Micky doesn't look too bad but Donald looked mean. 
 Left WalMart and headed home. See the fruit seller - that means watch for a tope. And it is a nasty square one. 
 Interesting name for a building used for events. 
We went out later to meet friends who live here for lunch. Ate at the restaurant right on the beach and had a great catching up time with them. Since last year they have sold their RV and built a really neat "tiny house" on their RV space. Sure good to visit with them. 
Filled the Jeep up with gasoline. It is US$3.91 a gallon. That is with the exchange rate of 19.40P = 1 US dollar. 
Then on home. I'd connected the MiFi  to the power to charge it. Just to make sure it was still good. Well it had been charging for about five hours and I couldn't get it to come on. Used a different cord, different plug still no deal. Wouldn't stay on. We knew there was a repair man in Guaymas. We'd taken it to him a couple of years ago to put a new battery in it (no longer make the batteries for it so he had to find one that fit in the case and then solder the connections.) Though maybe one of the connections had come loose. So back into the car and into Guaymas. Luckily he was still in same shop. Told him our problem, he plugged it in and it came right on. WHAT! He unplugged it it came right on! He plugged it into a different charger. It came right on! IT WORKED FOR HIM! He couldn't find a problem with it. So after making sure he would be working today we came home. 
We drove home the same way we'd come to town. The sky was putting on a show. It was still about an hour and a half from sunset. 
Stopped by the beach where there was a truck saying SKYDIVE SONORA - seems like on weekends the sky divers land there... Anyway is is a recycling container. Kind of neat. And being used.  
 Still driving to RV park
 I thought there were too many clouds for a good sunset, so took this picture before we got back to RV. 
Once back in the RV I plugged MiFi in and tried to turn it on  - did not come on. 
See the two buttons on the side...All that time I'd been pushing the wrong button! Once I pushed the right button it came on and worked fine. IDIOT! Bill was nice enough not to say anything. 
He had been outside and came in to tell me that he thought there'd be a nice sunset. So I grabbed the camera and we walked across the street. I still thought there were too many clouds to make a nice one. This is how it looked when we got to the beach. 
 But it kept changing and getting nicer. Glad I listened to him. 
 Double WOW  I have to admit the new camera takes good sunset pictures, really picks up the red.

Another beautiful sunset in San Carlos. 


Mark said...

Those sunset shots are great.

C said...

I agree ..your sunset pic's are beautiful.. I also enjoy reading your blog and have been doing so for years. One day we'll meet.Safe travels guys.

phxxer said...

When I went to San Carlos about 45 years ago, we called the tall mountain with two peaks "rabbit ears," as I recall. Does the old SP hotel (Playa de Cortez) still have a nice dining room? If I ever get back, I'd like to stay there. Phil

Dirk said...

Such beautiful pictures! Thank you.

Carol and Bill said...

Hard not to take beautiful sunset pictures here. Though today the skies are very overcast, waiting for rain.

Carol and Bill said...

The Playa de Cortez is still open as is it's RV park. We've never been inside the hotel so not sure about the dining room. You wouldn't recognize San Carlos now. We were here 41 years ago. Mostly north Americans living here.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for reading and commenting. No more pretty sunset pictures from here this time, rain today and we leave tomorrow. So had perfect timing the other day. Would love to meet you sometime too.

Carol and Bill said...

Got to say - it is partly due to new camera really picks up the reds.