Thursday, November 7, 2019

New Restaurant and Kilometer 21

Kind of productive day today. First we went to breakfast across the freeway. The old Cow Palace is closed forever but the restaurant across the street The Longhorn Grill has reopened under new managers and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. We went for breakfast. Very good meal, reasonable prices. Good service. Will go back for lunch or dinner before we leave.
Then we stopped in Nogales to get our auto and RV insurance from Sanborns. We've been using them since 1978. Just took a few minutes as all our information was in their computers.
Then on into Mexico to go to Kilometer 21 to do our paperwork. I had already made copies of our passports, Bill's drivers license [the Jeep is in his name],  and the current registration for the Jeep. Our RV already has a 10 year permit. If it didn't we would also need copy of RV registration to get permit. 
When you come this way in an RV be sure to go through the truck lane to the right at the U.S. Border. And when once through and on the highway be sure to stay to the left.
 Be sure to stay left here too.
Yep, you end up on the left side of the dividers in a VERY narrow lane. This is heading to the Mexican check point.
 Keep to the right of the big fence and to the left of the barriers. Straight ahead. Again VERY narrow. When you get through this passage if you are in an RV go to the BUS lanes on the right. If you go through the Auto lanes you will be stuck. You may or may not be stopped and inspected. Luck of the draw.
Then on to the newly paved highway. Watch for these TOPE signs. First there are vibradores. Then a wicked TOPE. For anyone new to Mexico roads a TOPE is a nasty speed bump. Vibradores are lines of half sized cannon balls. They will rattle your teeth.
 The Tope is HARD to see. Then there are more vibradores and another hard to see Tope

 Coming up to Kilometer 21, watch for the two tall towers. This is the second one, Turn in before the blue sign. It doesn't look like a turn in as it isn't paved.
 Here it is a better view - don't miss this turn!
 Park and head towards this building to get your Tourist Cards.

 And new this year. Stop and get copies of your Tourist Cards before paying for them. Only 5 pesos a copy.
Then on to the Bajercito to pay for the tourist cards and do your Auto or RV paperwork. Tourist cards were U.S.$ 29. deposit on Jeep was $363. From the time we walked into the first office until we were heading back to the car was only 35 minutes today. We paid for everything with a credit card and got exchange rate of 19.19 pesos per US dollar.
 Then back to the first building to get the Tourist Cards stamped and we were done.
Another afternoon nap, then back out to dinner at the Longhorn Grill. Both had delicious salads.
And a pretty sunset to end the day.

And so ends another day. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Nice detailed post Carol!

Contessa said...

Thank you for this wonderful write up. Now I don't have to do it. I will share this with my readers.

Carol and Bill said...

hope it helps, watch out for the topes.

Doug and Nancy said...

Awesome info Carol. Even though we have been through there a number of times, it is good to see it all again to remind us of the steps.....even if we aren't coming this season. We will REALLY miss you and Bill but we will live vicariously through your adventures. Don't worry, we will see you again!!