Friday, November 22, 2019

Out and about Mazalan again

Got up about six and it is actually cool out. Hopefully the humidity will be lower today. No pretty sunrise this a.m. no clouds. 
We bought some plants yesterday, Bill got them planted in their planters when it cooled down some. Need to get something with color though. Maybe today as we have to go to TelMex again - Internet not working, must be in the line somewhere. The TelMex lineman was here in the park today but because we didn't have a work order number for him he couldn't fix our line. So back over there to get the work order, we hope, expedited. He "might" come by tomorrow - or not.
Bill also put up more Christmas light around the patio. We glow in the dark now. 
Tried to take a nap yesterday and my feet and legs were cramping like crazy. What an idiot I brought my Theraworks for leg cramps but forgot to use it. Rubbed some on my legs and feet - felt better right a way. I only have to use it every fifth or sixth day - but when they don''t bother me I forget. 
Just some pictures from around town. About five years ago someone started to repair and refurbish this hotel. Got this far and stopped. Nothing else done on it. It could be really nice if it was ever finished. Right on the main street. 
Price of a liter of unleaded gasoline downtown - 20.28.
There is no way I'd ever go visit anyone in this building, let alone buy something in it Looks like a strong wind could blow it down. 
The skinny vacant lot to the south of the RV Park is for sale again and the jungle is trying to grow back. 
Back downtown. This plant will eventually cover the entire building.
 Inside of Via Condotti picking up or quiche. Just noticed all the different shapes and lines.
Well now for some reason the alarm in the Jeep has stopped working. Need to remember to use the door locks. We get so lazy and used to things being automatic. 
Also discovered the bedroom window leaked again in the rain the other day. I had a blanket laying under it on the shelf and happened to pick it up today. Soaking wet. Guess it is a good thing it was there to soak up the water. 
It is about 6 o'clock and the wind has really picked up and so has the humidity. The day its self was really nice, about 82 and not so humid.


gumo said...

I finished reading your ebook today and what an adventure it really was. So many use the word adventure in their blogs today but your trip was a real one. Thanks very much. I especially appreciated your catching up with everyone lately fascinating. I was heartbroken to read of your loss of John. I'm sorry.I
Thanks for a great read!

Doug and Nancy said...

Thanks for the ride-along.....

Dirk said...

Oh boy... that is a great picture of the bakery shapes. Good one!

Carol and Bill said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Believe me was an adventure. We wrote the book several years ago - we now have 9 great grandchildren.

Carol and Bill said...

You'll see a lot of changes when you make it back here.

Carol and Bill said...

It kind of makes you dizzy - well dizzier then I already am.

Jackie McGuinness said...

You need to drink more water for those leg cramps!