Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Strange day

We are now in Amado, AZ at the Mountain View RV Ranch. And it was quite a day getting here. Day started with a pretty sunrise. 
After getting fueled up in Quartzsite we were on the road by 9:00.  Our travels for the day 286 miles - Notice just before the end there is a dot with the caption of Interstate 19. More on that later. 
The 10 has some pretty scenery along it. Saw some strange Ocotillos this one was kind of red. 
 And this one was yellow. I guess the leaves on them were turning. 
 And then some dinosaurs lurking in the bushes. 
 And, of course, the stately saguaros. 
Stopped in Eloy to top off the fuel tank and eat lunch at the Flying J there. I had heir turkey dinner, YUM. Back on the road by about 12:30. So far drive had been uneventful. Going through Tucson the traffic was so heavy, guess because it was later in the afternoon then we usually go through. Just before the split where we take the 19 south the RV began to shake, everything inside was rattling. Was it the road? Then we started to thump, thump, thump...didn't sound good. No where to pull over with transition to the 19 - then traffic was too heavy to move over. Then BLAM!!! Well we knew what the thumping was - just blew right outside driver's side tire. Luckily it didn't tear up the RV or the Jeep. Finally managed to pull over by an off ramp. About 3:00 and 40 miles from the end of the day's trip. Dot saying Interstate 19 on above map. Well crap. 
Called FMCA Roadside Assistance. Gave them info, size of tire etc. Told me to hang up and as soon as they located someone who could bring and change the tire they would call me back. Called back in less than 15 minutes. Gave me information on who would help and their phone number. Hung up and immediately received call from Tucson Road and Tire Service. They would get tire and be there in about 45 minutes. Got there before the 45 minutes. Our tire.

 The only thing that got damaged. The overflow hose for the fresh water tank. 
Parked along the shoulder of an off ramp.  
 Our hero to the rescue. 
 His name is Jose and his English was limited. But he did a good job quickly. 
Getting the old tire off.  

 Looks like something cut it. 
 And now the clouds were gathering and every once in a while there would be a rain drop or two. 
 Putting new tire on wheel.
He was finished and we were back on the road by a little after 5:00. Where we encountered a strange weather phenomenon. A microburst. Like the cloud got a hole in it and the water poured out.
 Seemed to be right over the highway in front of us. The sun was setting and shining on the rain. 

The sun gave it a golden glow. As we passed it was off to the east of us.  
 And then I noticed the rainbow. It was a ways from the rain, but it also was picking up the glow from the setting sun. 

 A few more rain drops on our windows as we passed the strange rain storm. 
More of the rainbow. 
 The sky to the west with the setting sun. 
 And then this. So spectacular we had to stop and take a picture of it. The rain is still falling over the same small area and the sky turned red and gold. 
 Absolutely beautiful - have never seen anything like it before. What a way to end a day. 
So now we are parked for a week here in Amado. It was a long and interesting day. 


Mark said...

Well I'm glad all worked out with the flat tire. It could have been a lot worse, I have seen a 5th wheel trailer just destroyed by a flat tire. It's nice to see supervisor Bill is back on the job. Safe travels my friends and very much looking forward to following along with you on your trip.

SandyM said...

Thankfully the damage was not worse from the flat tire and you received the help you needed so quickly. That storm cloud was really something to see; thanks for sharing your pictures. Your are getting closer to your Winter home.

Carol and Bill said...

He had a hard time not trying to help. All is well that ends well. Will be in Mexico next Tuesday. More long driving days

Carol and Bill said...

Really impressed with both FMCA and the service company. The photos do not to the cloud burst and sunset justice. Amazing site.

Contessa said...

OH MY!!! What a way to start your trek south. I am now thinking of switching from Good Sam road service to FMCA, you did receive premium service. I hope that all that beauty was a scene that you are going to have a wonderful trip. See you there late Friday afternoon.

Contessa said...

We are to be in site 47 in the back. Maybe Bill can drive by and check that we can make the turn into the site and no trees etc are in the way. Should be there by 4PM give or take.