Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ugly Christmas Wear

Again we have done next to nothing for the last couple of days. We did get the hose on the water tank fixed. The RV Park's host is a very handy person. He took a look, no problem, and 30 minutes later all was fixed. Any way that's what I've been told. Well the tank is full and not leaking. 
Yesterday we watched soccer and a NASCAR race and after it we went out to a late lunch or early dinner at the Longhorn again. I had one of the best hamburgers I've ever had there. 
The weather continues to remain overcast - but that has made for some pretty sunsets. Here is last nights. 

Right now the sun is trying to come up  but again the sky is heavy with clouds. 
I have concluded that this area has many, many ugly Christmas sweater parties. Just a sampled of what we saw for sale at WalMart.
For the gentleman of the family. 
 This is even worse!
How about a couple of jackets. And they are a silky material  They have matching ties. 
 No comment.
The ladies also have a choice - a dress? 
 Just one of many sweaters. 
So our last trip to WalMart here in the U.S. left us laughing. 
We have paid for one more day here but Bill is getting antsy to get on the road. So will probably be traveling tomorrow.


SandyM said...

Those really are some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters/outfits I have seen. Thank goodness for the sunset photos - they were beautiful. Traveling mercies all the way to Mazatlan.

Contessa said...

Wish we been there to see that sunset. Safe travels tomorrow. Please send me anything that you think I should share on my blog as well.

gumo said...

I've recently found your blog and am enjoying it from Texss! I bought your ebook from Amazon and am very much enjoying it so far. ( chapter 3 right now). Thanks for blogging!!

Suz said...

I think the jacket with the bows would be great for Bill for your "Christmas in Mexico" this year. Kind of jazzy. :-)

phxxer said...

I've tried to find a post on the new camera to no avail. What did you get? I think your old one was a Sony W-80 of 810? What's better about the new one? Curious minds want to know. Phil in Phoenix

Carol and Bill said...

We are now in San Carlos, MX. So far so good.

Carol and Bill said...

Will wrote a long blog about trip is a bit.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for buying the book, hope you really enjoy it. And thank you for commenting. We are now in Mexico so I will have a lot to blog about.

Carol and Bill said...

The new camera is a Sony HX80 - it is quite a bit heavier and fatter than my old ones. I need to get used to it. it has a better zoom but have to have something to sit it on cause my hands shake too much to get good zoom pictures. A couple of other things annoy me because they have to be done in a different way. Will just take getting used to. Both of my older ones were giving me trouble and needed to be replaced.

Carol and Bill said...

Bill wants to know why you hate him...just kidding. aren't they terrible?

phxxer said...

With a 30X zoom, you need that evf viewfinder. But I would have to use a tripod every time. No way could I hold it still enough to get a sharp picture. Good luck with it.