Saturday, May 16, 2020

55 Years Ago

Fifty five years ago our son John was born. Here is a school picture from when he was about 15.  
It has been 13 1/2 years since he passed away - sometimes it seems like yesterday when we got the phone call. His children are all grown up now and he has five grandchildren. You are never far from our thoughts John. 
On a lighter note. The necklace is DONE! Thinking about making earrings to go with it. And maybe a bracelet. I started it April 25th. 
 The colors show up better on the green table.  
 Have also been playing with my sewing machine again. Just need to add the filter and backing material and then the ear loops. 
For you puzzle doers - have you ever picked up a piece or two and thought to yourself "This piece doesn't belong to this puzzle." Of course you know it must go somewhere. Well this time I was right. Three pieces that DON'T GO TO THIS PUZZLE! Actually they are duplicates, so somewhere there is a puzzle missing three pieces. These seascape puzzles are fun to do. So many colors. 
Bill wakes up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep - he says it's because I am making so much noise while sleeping.  Any way - he goes out in the garage and works on his projects. Getting more rough cuts of pieces of the rooster. 
 And I got out there for a while today too, between other things. I just went out to look at the rooster. While there I dug out the lead and later I went out there to close the garage door and ended up putting the lead around all the leaves.  Still have to solder them closed and figure out how to finish the piece. 
21 hours and NASCAR - sure hope it is a good race. My driver starts 4th. No one has been in a car for 70 some days. They will come to the track from their homes and climb into a car they haven't driven and step on the gas when the green flag waves. Should be interesting. 


gumo said...

"Houdini" was a handsome young man with a great smile. I sure enjoyed your stories about him and the others in your book.

Ruth's Life is Good said...

Your necklace is beautiful!! I can't imagine the patience it took to do all that intricate bead work.

SandyM said...

So happy to see the finished necklace - it is very colorful and very pretty. Hope you have lots of fun when you wear it - what is the weight of it? You definitely have more patience then most to finish it. I like the fun you have put into making the face masks - if you have to use one make it fun to wear. Thank you for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Gumo - thank you
Ruth - Thank you, it was a challenge but I won.
Sandy - Kind of makes me want to do another one using bigger beads. It is actually kind of relaxing beading, takes all of my attention.

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