Thursday, May 14, 2020

"Need money for Hobbies"

Decided I'm going to have to get a piece of card board and stand out on the main road. "Need money for Hobbies"  - actually so far I've had all the various supplies I need.
The necklace has all it's flowers.  All 97 of them. Sure seemed like more than that when I was making them.
 When they go on the band they will be much closer together.
 A close up of the band. One string will go between every three rows of beads. Have put it away for now.
And Bill has started a project, now that the garage is a little warmer but not yet too hot. This is a picture of what he is making for me.
 This is the pattern he will use it is about 17 x 21. Lots of pieces in it. 
It will be all in different types of wood. He is gathering up some pieces now.
More pieces of wood. 
 Nice pattern in these pieces. 
Working a little more on my glass plant. Still have about three pieces to cut and grind.

After they are cut and shaped they will be finished with lead came. I hope I have enough to do all the pieces. 
And then I started something else. Going to make a couple more face masks. Using my embroidery sewing machine to put sayings on them. So far have just done the templet. Still have to put information in the sewing machine.
Mainly I wanted to make sure the embroidery program was working. So far so good. 
Managed to stay busy from early this morning. Had a Walmart delivery at 8:15. I've found if the delivery comes early you mostly get everything you ordered. I didn't get an eggplant?? and some craft pipe cleaners I want for masks. 23 out of 25 items isn't bad. Their drivers are very nice and the produce is always fresh and nice. 
Didn't get a walk in 'cause I started fooling with the beads. 
And another day has passed. 


Janet said...

The necklace is going to be amazing when finished. You and Bill are definitely keeping busy! Can’t wait to see the rooster completed. We have lying low self isolating, so not much to report. The highlight of our week is grocery shopping and getting food at the drive thru!

Carol and Bill said...

We're all leading so exciting lives now. I can see myself becoming depressed if I don't keep busy. Can't wait until Sunday and NASCAR - going to be 99 her Sunday. then Tuesday 77 as a high. Love the desert.