Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Interesting few days.

Been a while since I've posted so I have a few things to share. The other late afternoon I looked out the patio doors and saw smoke in The Wetlands. Lots of smoke. I knew there were lots of people walking around out there so figured someone would call it in. It was about 7 p.m.
 Just before it got dark I looked out again, even more smoke and some flames.Surely someone had called it in. 
About 8:15 I looked out again, Oh my gosh. So I called 911 - which is always an interesting experience. We do no live in Las Vegas and we do not live in Henderson, but we liver just on Henderson's border. So any emergency call goes to Henderson. When they find out where we live the call has to be transferred to Clark County emergency. Finally got the dispatcher - had a hard time explaining where exactly the fire was as it was quite a ways from us. So our address was no help. I finally remembered there was a road over in the area of the fire and that the water reclamation plant was near there too. So gave her that information. Seems like around 7:00 someone had called in a fire in that area...and thank you for calling. 
Does it look to you like any equipment is there trying to put it out...
About a half hour later I checked again and I could see red and  blue flashing lights near it. And soon the flames were no longer visible.  Made me glad that I'd called.
The next day I was walking around our rock yard admiring all the pretty spring flowers that are blooming. No idea what most of them are called, but they are pretty.

This one I know It is a Palo Verde tree and it is loaded with flowers. 

One of the Lantanas
 An Oleander. Someone had thrown it out a couple of years ago and Bill picked it up brought it home and planted it. Going fine now. 
 I have several of the rocks out front piled up into Cairns. No reason just fun. 
 One of our cactus out front is trying to bloom, but I don't think the flower ever opens more than this. More of a bud then a flower. 
 And this is our side yard where the "front" door is. Lots of blooms out here now. Soon the plants will cover all the wonderful rocks.
And this is me yesterday. Got really sick Monday evening and still wasn't feeling very well yesterday. Bill says he took the picture because it is so unusual to see me bundled up in a blanket. I was freezing. Better by evening and doing pretty good so far today. Just a stomach thing of some sorts.
This mornings sunrise.
A lovely start to the day. 


SandyM said...

Hope you are feeling better and better. I have missed you posting and am always concerned when it is several days in a row. Some very nice photos in this blog and yes, good call to report the fire.

Larry in Texas said...

We were starting to worry about you, not often you don't post for so long. Glad you are feeling better. Your plants are beautiful!!

Carol and Bill said...

SandyM -Can't believe that fire wasn't put out sooner. I don't know if my call helped or not. But it was really getting bigger. Feeling better but still not 100%
Larry - thank you for your concern, but improving daily.

Kathy Tycho said...

See..we all do love your every day posts! I was wondering if you were just too busy because Nascar was on..glad you are feeling better.

Marla Terry said...

Wow, you really saved the day! I'll bet your place looks great when everything is in full bloom.
Looks like you are on the mend, feel better soon. 😊

Payson48 said...

The plant is an Orange Jubilee! I have 2 in my back yard!
They also come in yellow and those are called Yellow Bell!

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - nope not NASCAR it starts again 10 days, 13 hours and 25 minutes. There will be 7 races in 120 days....So I better get things done before then. Tried eating breakfast and lunch today - probably will skip dinner though.
Marla - I can't believe they let it burn that long, glad it wasn't close to us. Yah, even our rock yard looks good with all the flowers.
Payson48 -Thank you - I can't remember names of plants. We also have a yellow one in front but it has had a hard time settling in. Finally is growing a little. But no flowers. I like them because they seem to bloom most of the summer here.