Thursday, May 7, 2020

A few days ago

Going back a few days to do this post. The sunrise was about four days ago, Bill took the picture.
That same day I took a walk. Just like the palm trees against the blue sky. For once there wasn't any wind blowing.
I guess this year the cactus is going to bloom in spots. One year the whole thing was covered in flowers. This is why I take the walk to see it. A little over a mile round trip.
I like the shadows of the palm trees. That is one of the club houses across the street.
Oh my gosh - they finally fixed the mail boxes. And really fixed them. Our poor little box is the one in the middle. It wasn't broken into so guess why replace it. Until it is broken into too.
Front view, doesn't ours look venerable now? The new ones are some sturdy looking ones,.
Not mush snow left on the mountain after all this HOT weather. Because people were going up there to cool off and leave all their trash, cutting down little trees to make fires and using the CLOSED bathrooms the road up there is now open for residents only. Sometimes I just don't understand people.
My Mother's Day present from Bill. I have a whole lot of CD's that I never play because I don't have a CD player. For years I've been looking at this one. Old fashioned radio with CD player. I showed it to Bill on line the other day and lo and behold it showed up on our porch a few days later. 
I have it set up next to my beading table in "the little room" only thing in it is my beading table and chair. And the little stand the radio is on.  My mother painted the three small clowns. And the copper mobile and wall hanging were made by our daughter-in-law who has since passed away. 
So I got this far on THE necklace. Today I ripped up the neck band and redid it. Still have to make eight more strands - they will go between the strands that are finished. Going to use a different type of bead for them - maybe depends how it looks. 
Waiting for our Hello Fresh meals to arrive. Getting late so think won't fix one tonight. 

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