Friday, May 8, 2020

Thank You USPS

Another unusual sunset from Las Vegas. Depending on direction I was looking there were different colors.  Looking south. 
 Looking west - several jet trails in the sky lighting up. 

 I decided I had not done a very good job with the original necklace band I made. So ripped it up and then made it with a different bead. An iridescent green. Came out much better. 
I wonder about the US Government. Bill got his stimulus check yesterday in the mail. We are amazed that he got it. See the big RED sticker on the envelope. I thought Huh? Then I looked at the address. It had
     Unit/space number
     Las Vegas, NV and our zip code. Notice what is missing? 
Thank you United States Postal Service for figuring out where to deliver it. 
Feeling good enough to take a short walk this morning before it got too hot. Went by the area where we usually park our RV. They are working hard on fixing the area so soon we should be able to get the RV out of an space that has no home in it and put it back. 
 Back to the necklace. I have to make eight more strands to finish it. So decided to use different beads to make the flowers. These beads are all kind of sparkly. Or iridescent. Picture doesn't do them justice.
 I now have four of the 48 flowers I need to make done. The new ones are the bottom row.
I work on them for a while, then work on a new sea life puzzle 500 pieces. No wonder my eyes hurt by night time. I'm also reading a new series of e-books. The Daydreamer Detective series. It is written from the view point of a modern young Japanese woman living in a small town in today's Japan. Interesting how many of the old customs still are followed. I know, they are "cozy" mysteries but interesting and fun to read. Her interactions with her very traditional mother are eye opening. 
Well first problem with Hello Fresh - it is not fresh. Got delivered last night AFTER 9:00 after riding around in the UPS truck since 8 in the a.m. During a 100 degree day. Called them and am getting a refund. Too bad a couple of meals I was looking forward to. Skipping next week. 
Well guess I should do something constructive...or not. 


Kathy Tycho said...

So..are you going to wear the necklace or hang it as an art statement?

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - maybe wear it once - after that??? The fun is making it.