Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Books, sewing and cleaning

Seems like I've been cleaning more than usual, whether it needs it or not! Also sewing the face masks. Finally got some elastic cord, feels much better behind the ears. And reading a lot, a lot.I read this series of three books a few years ago but am rereading them now. There are three books The Garden of Allah Novels Trilogy #1, #2, and #3. I have them as nook books, but imagine they are available in most formats. They are about three young people who go to Hollywood in the 30s to live out their dreams. The 3rd book ends in the 50s. I got interested in them because I lived there in the early 50s and remember the Garden of Allah. Used to daydream about living there. They are a good history of the times and people then. 
Some more pictures from our trip on The Strip yesterday. A creepy feeling with no one on the sidewalks. 
 These escalators are always packed. 
 All the entrances are gated off. Some have police cars with their lights flashing parked in them. 
The Venetian courtyard. 
 The big Fashion Show Mall. The signage kept changing with different messages. 
The Wynn Resort - priorities - the golf course reopened yesterday. 300 - 250 per person per game. 
 Another empty corner with a police car in it. Some of the cars had a policeman in them some didn't. 
 The construction from Desert Inn north and southbound was a real challenge to traverse. Could not imagine how it would be if things were normal.  It would take an hour to go one block. It is torn up all the way to Fremont Street. And Fremont St is also torn up. 
Turning on to Las Vegas Blvd just before Fremont St.  
 Looking down Fremont Street under the canopy.
 Interesting sign. Hope it means the business not the owner.
 One stop shopping here. 
 Usually you can't find a parking space here. And inside it is usually jam packed with tourist from all over the world. 
Oops time to change lanes. All traffic is on the northbound lane for a ways here,.
 Construction never stops here. 
 It is going to be a really big place. 
 The volcano at least still has running water.
 Empty Cesars Palace famous fountains.
 No water show or tourists here.
 And then we turned to return home. 
Kind of leaves you wondering if it will ever be the same. 


Doug and Nancy said...

It does make you wonder, doesn't it? Things are just starting to re-open here (ie stores, portions of restaurants, etc) but I don't think anybody is very interested in rushing out. Doug is still working from home (2 months now) and I am not working, laid off. I sometimes wonder what our "supposed retirement" traveling will look like, starting Jan 2021......Hugs.

Martin Turnbull, the Garden of Allah novels said...

Hi there! It's Martin Turnbull here - the author of the Hollywood's Garden of Allah series that you've been re-reading. A friend of mine sent me your photos of empty Vegas as we had been recently talking about what it must be like on the Strip at the moment. So imagine my surprise when I started reading your post and found you were talking about my books! I'm glad to hear that Marcus, Kathryn, and Gwendolyn have been keeping you company through these crazy times.

Kathy Tycho said...

Thanks for the tour of Vegas! We drive through without stopping every year when we head south. If it looked like it does now we might stop for a look see.😂

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy - Vegas is going to be really hurting, even when partly open. Hotels, restaurants and shows part full will still loose money. We are thinking about getting in RV and going somewhere, but lots of campgrounds are closed. This is not the way we wanted to spend our Golden Years.
Kathy - it is really weird feeling to drive around the strip - ON ONE is out walking any where. Everything there is closed. Hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops etc.
Mr Turnbull - thank you for commenting. Glad you enjoyed pictures of Vegas - strange to live here now. And I really enjoyed those books.