Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A little of this a little of that

Sunrise I actually got up in time to see. The sun rises here about 5:40 now. That is early when you have an East facing bedroom window. A couple of years ago I bought a dark tint to put on it. Now might be a good time to do it if I can remember where I put it. 
 Because I got up early it was still cool enough to take a walk. 
 The puzzle I'm doing now.  Lots and lots of blue in it. 500 pieces.
 This is what it will look like when it is done. 
After listening to me complain that nothing fit Bill brought me this.  Tempting!
Last night was a really unusual sunset. It was storming around, but not in the valley. Weird black clouds. 

 One big really black cloud over the valley.

There is rain coming down in this one. No rain for us just high winds. 

  Just liked the shape and color of this cloud. 
A happy sight out our patio door in to the back yard. The fall leaves are glued to screen door so we don't run into it. 
Continue to work on necklace. I still have 29 flowers to make. Here are the steps. 11 beads to form the center.  
 Petals are done in two steps of 5 beads each. Step one. 
 Step two the top half of the petal.
 Six petals each bead. 
 Then the flower has to be put on the vine. I've done all the vines, they are just waiting for flowers. 
You can see some of the empty vines here. Last step will be attaching all the vines to the band. Someday. 
I meant to post this last night but forgot. So will do it now.

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