Thursday, May 21, 2020

Finishing things.

Wow! in case you didn't notice it. In my last blog I wrote about a series of books - The Garden of Allah Novel Trilogies.  Much to my surprise I got a comment from the author on the blog. Check it out.
Another sunrise in the desert behind us. Bill is taking most of the sunrise pictures.

One of the hummingbird feeders was empty yesterday morning took it down to refill it. The bottom was full of bees - how do they manage to squeeze through that tiny hole? This year so far we've only had one hummingbird, but he eats a lot.
Remembered it was Memorial Day coming up so got out my patriotic decorations. They will stay out until after July 4th. Did the place mats years ago when I first got my embroidery machine.
Using some of the same designs I made a window hanging. It is on the floor here - but hangs in the patio window. When I made it our front door had a 5 pane side window and it hung there.
Also have some red, white and blue sun catchers for the kitchen window.  (My piggy collection on the window sill.)
Finished the face masks. Here they are.
This is how they look opened up  - like wearing them. I really like the narrow cord elastic, so much more comfortable then the flat elastic. Also using a plastic straightened out paper clip in the top to be able to form the mask around our noses. They have front and back quilting cotton pieces with an interfacing in the middle. Easy to breath through. Wore one on my walk and it didn't bother me too much. 
Bill continues to work on the rooster. He sure has a lot to go.
Took a walk yesterday. A little over a mile. A pretty bush with lavender flowers on it.
I didn't like the way the necklace hung when on so decided to shorten the band a couple of inches. Got it redone with no problems and looks much better now.
Been watching the NASCAR races. Favorite driver finally managed to show some speed. But he needs to keep that up. I don't ever remember him being so low in point standings, except for the year he broke both legs and had to really make up points when he got back to driving. Today's race was supposed to start an hour ago but it is raining again, so don't know it they will get it in or not. Finally came on in the afternoon, Kyle came in 2nd. Oh well. He will drive in four more races in the next 6 days!
We got our grocery delivery at 8:10 this morning. Got everything I ordered except alcohol - deleted from order. And I finally got margarine - Country Crock - still no I Can't Believe It's Not Butter available. For $13 a month we get unlimited deliveries - order has to total $30 or more. Works for us.
Now waiting for a Hello Fresh delivery. Only get them every other week now. Box arrived in time for me to cook one of the meals for dinner. Easy and very good. 


SandyM said...

Tell Bill the sunrise photos in this post are spectacular. Please post another picture of the necklace and very nice comment from the author of the books you like and are rereading.

SandyM said...

PS I love the mask you have made -they just brought a smile to my face. Have fun wearing them.

Kathy Tycho said...

Can't believe how crafty you two are..I would never have the patience! The masks are great.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - Bill says thanks. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see a little note "older post" on the bottom right, click on that and it will take you back to previous posts.
Wore my lips mask today on my walk, got a few weird looks. trying to get used to breathing normal with one on.
Kathy - we don't have anything else to keep us busy when stuck at home. Have all the time in the world.