Friday, May 15, 2020

I slept through it.

Except for the earthquake it was a pretty quiet day. There was a 6.5 earthquake in Tonopah, NV  which is about 200 miles north west of us. According to Bill and the news here in Las Vegas things really rolled for a while. I slept through it. Oh well.
So Bill was up to see the sunrise over the desert again. Weather here changes daily. Finally a couple of days without winds. Sunday will be 99 degrees and Tuesday will have a high of only 77. I'll take the cool while we can. 
I spent part of the day playing with my sewing machine. Every time it has set all winter I always wonder if it will still work.  So worked fine. Got four face masks started. Seeings how we are going to have to wear them...Have to wait until Monday to finish them though, had to order the elastic for the part that goes around the ears. 
Finally found the lead came that will work with this project.. I have all the glass pieces cut and polished. Now have to dig out the lead and put it on all the leaves. Then solder everything and figure out how to put it together.  
 Bill was working out in the garage before I even got up this morning. So the rooster has legs now. All rough cuts. 
 He is working on the belly here. 
 There are a whole lot of pieces there. He says it is for my birthday - but didn't say what year. 

I only worked on the necklace for a few minutes today, just attached the center vine to see how I was going to do it. 
Then last night started on another puzzle. So far it is going together quick. Too quick.
 Other than that nothing else exciting. 


Barb said...

I was wondering if you felt that earthquake. Was a pretty big one! We have had a lot of small ones just barely noticeable here in the Coachella Valley the past couple weeks.

Love seeing all your projects! I need to get busy with mine!


Carol and Bill said...

I need to keep busy or I start getting feeling down in the dumps.

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