Friday, May 1, 2020

Blow dryer weather

Oh Yes. We are having some of our wonderful "blow dryer weather."  Not quite 100 but it still has a couple of hours more to warm up. And this is in the shade. Of course, when I took the camera out the wind let up some. It is blowing up to 40-45 mph today and tomorrow. You can see all our flowers blooming in our rock yard garden. The Palo Verde tree is just starting to bloom, hope the wind doesn't blow all the flowers off .
This is blooming like crazy, we can even smell it indoors with the doors and windows shut. Too bad it doesn't last all summer.
I finished this puzzle. Don't have many left so I went on line to see what I could find. I found the two 8 piece sets I'm working on - the Kincaids and the Sea Life boxes.  Last fall before we left for the winter I paid about $16 for each box of 8. On Amazon they are $60! I guess puzzles are in demand not too. Crooks!
A while ago I decided to lay down on the couch and "rest my eyes." Imagine my surprise when a strange man is standing at the screen door looking in and yelling, "Hello! Hello!" I have never come up off the sofa as fast as I did then. Turned out it was the pest control guy. He didn't know we were home [they continue to come bimonthly when we are gone] until he got in the backyard and noticed the door was open. So guess he figured he needed to let someone know he was there. There went a few years off my life.
I continue to work diligently - sometimes - once in a while - on my necklace. I thought I had half of it done - until I looked at the picture again. There should be a strand between EACH finished strand. OMG.
These are not the beads I'm using now - instead these have a sparkly quality to them. So I might use them for the between strands. Some pretty colors here. The beads I'm using now are kind of like a flat paint dull.
I'm always taking pictures of Bill doing things so every once in a while he gets me back. Hum...maybe it wasn't the stripes on the blouse. All the tubes in the background are full of beads too.
 So I decided to do the matching other side. Am doing the vines and leaves first then adding the flowers.
Got another delivery from Walmart. Surprise got everything I ordered. So hopefully things are getting better. Only things left on my original list are yeast and lysol spray. Don't really need either, but will continue to try ordering them.
I was watching the Governor of Nevada on TV last night laying out his "Roadblockway to Recovery. We are remaining locked down until around the 15th. Can't even imagine how they will get ready to open the casinos. Wonder if all the people they laid off will get their same jobs back. Back to the Governor - he looks 15 years older than he look a couple of weeks ago. I bet every politician that lost last election is saying Thank Goodness. 
By the time I thought about walking this morning it was already over 80. Too hot with the sun beating down. 
Well enough of that. Thank goodness in three weeks I'll have NASCAR to watch again. They will race four major races in 10 days. Wow.


Kathy Tycho said...

That is a lot of beads!

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - want to take up a new hobby - we have plenty of beads. At one time Bill started doing the Huicholi beading of plaster figures. Then decided he didn't enjoy doing it.