Thursday, May 28, 2020

Time flies when you're having fun - or not.

I din't realize so much time had passed since I last blogged. But then I have had a whole lot of NASCAR racing to watch this past week. Including a race tonight and some coming up Saturday and Sunday. Over dose - nothing else gets done. 
But then who wants to do anything when it is this hot out. Thank goodness there is very low humidity. Except that cracks the lips and plugs the nose. Never happy are we. 
 Today is the hottest day and may reach 110. The hottest part of the day is around 5 p.m. so that is what they base the high temp on. 
I have started one of my last two puzzles, both at 1000 pieces. Didn't realize how big they would be. Here I am measuring how much room I'd need on the table. 25 x 18. Took me two days to find and figure out all the edge pieces. Too many of them look just alike and fit where they don't belong. 
 Working on the easiest section first. 
Bill continues to work on the rooster early in the mornings before it gets too hot in the garage. These are a couple of days work. 
 Making progress with the feathers. 
 He must have gotten up real early yesterday morning. 
He also got ANOTHER new drone. A DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. Learning how to use it. Again has to be done before or after the heat of the day. 
I made a couple of new face masks. Took pictures of our lower faces, put it on photo material and sewed them together. Look really weird on. This is the picture of Bill's face before putting it on the material. 
 The finished masks. 
Also been doing some cooking. Our last Hello Fresh meal of the week. So we had three dinners. Skipping next week. Also made a pineapple upside down cake! Yum.
 Going through my beading area I came across another necklace I'd started several years ago. I actually started it with the though of being able to work on it over the winters when we were/are in Mexico. Took it back and forth several years and did nothing on it. 
 It will be red, white, and blue. I need around ten loops of each color. 
 As you can see, don't have very much done. Should keep me amused for a while. 
Las Vegas is slowly reopening. Most everything will be able to open tomorrow. Except the hotels and resorts. They can open on June 4th. But several of the companies are only reopening a couple of their sites. Will open the rest if every thing works out okay. According to the governor Brothels [yes brothels - there aren't any here in Clark county though) and Adult Entertainment clubs cannot open yet. Over 200,000 people unemployed here in Clark county. 
Interesting to see how things work out. We still haven't gone out anywhere, except for a drive in the car. 

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Jackie McGuinness said...

Love that mask idea. I am so annoyed I got rid of my sewing machine when we downsized. Am thinking of looking for a small one.
Miss you guys!