Saturday, May 23, 2020

Summer she is a coming!

Has been really windy here for a few days but the temps were perfect. That is about to change big time. I prefer the wind to the heat. Check out Wednesday on. Humidity is the number on far right. That isn't "dry heat" it is oven baking heat. 

After I finished the flower necklace I was digging around in my beads and came across a necklace I had started at least 15 years ago, right after I started beading. This is the illustration/directions page. 
There are three different sizes of beads that circle a piece of electrical wire - it makes the form. 
I had everything done but the focal bead at the bottom, and the fringe at both ends. So finally finished it. 
More pictures of it tomorrow. 
Took a walk this morning and saw this, who says Seniors don't have any fun.  If I remember might walk up to observe. 
One of the pretty flowering bushed at the gate to our community. 
This van has been here every time I've walked by. I guess the place he works for is closed. Though none of the "dispensaries" were closed. Along with liquor stores they were deemed essential.
Had a delicious Hello Fresh meal today. Pork chops, green beans and mashed potatoes. 
Tomorrow starts NASCAR again, one race a day for four days YIPPEE.

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