Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Not the Plazuela Machado but...

Yesterday a traveling DJ provided by the county paid a visit to our community.  Bill and I walked up to the Club House to see what was going on.  Here he comes. Mostly ladies turned out. 
 A couple of them were eyeing Bill but he kept backing up. 
 The requisite Line Dance. 
 Check out the foot wear on this babe. 
 Even the man with the walker eventually got u to dance. A good time was had by all. I think there would have been a better turnout if the word had gotten out more. 
I forgot that the movie function on my camera wasn't working. BUT today I was fooling with it and got it working again. Oh well.This morning's sunrise, Bill was up, not me. 

When I did get up I went for a walk, it was actually quite cool out. Walked 1 2/3rds miles. A pretty cactus in bloom. We got a letter yesterday from the community - every one outside now has to wear a mask. Really had trouble breathing with it on. 
 I like the flower on this bush. Yellow and red. 
 Our front yard will soon be taken over by the flowers. 
Bill was grinning all morning - hum??? Then the Fed Ex truck pulled up and out the door he went. Yep a new drone. This is a Parrot Anafi???
I guess to replace the one that fell from the sky. Setting it up. I stayed in the other room. It is quite small and supposedly has a zoom on its camera. 
 There it is out on the driveway. 
 And now it is in the air. 
While he was flying I was starting a new stained glass project. Pieces are just rough cut and I'm not sure how to put it together. The photo I have of one is not to informative. But I'll figure it out. Of course don't know what I'll do with it if I get one made. Looking at this picture got me to wondering if my grinder to smooth the edges works, guess I'd best check it out tomorrow. 
Only have seven more flowers to make for the necklace, then it get put together. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Scary ladies, don't blame Bill!
Masks are requested in our building. Many stores require masks now. We bought the ugly blue/white masks but have now moved on to fancy design ones.
I wish I had kept my sewing machine!
Great new project!

Carol and Bill said...

Not sure how the plant in glass will turn out. Got to figure out how to put it together.