Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Well that didn't work.

Another evening with a pretty sunset. Two nights ago.

 And this was yesterday's sunrise. Not enough clouds to make it real pretty. But it is always nice to see a new day's sunrise.
Yesterday's walk I checked on the cactus again, still not in full bloom. Didn't check it out today. Will try to get an early start tomorrow morning to see it. Lots and lots of buds on it.
Some of the flowers in our back yard. We have two of these bushes and only one is blooming. And they are right next to each other, but this one gets the morning sun. 
 Bill'[s jasmine is in full bloom. Smells so good.
500 piece Kincaid, only one left and it is 1000 pieces. This one took a couple of days. See the pieces left to put in. The all look alike to me. I have my lamp back on my beading table. Didn't realize what a big difference it made for distinguishing the subtle shades.
Well my yeast experiment didn't work. I just got a big glob of icky stuff. Maybe it wasn't warm enough in the kitchen to get it going. So next time I boil potatoes I'll try it again.
 NOPE sure wouldn't use that mess.
 Me cooking last night's dinner. Need to change that blouse, no more around stripes. See the recipe card for the meal from Hello Fresh propped up next to me.  
Not cooking tonight and didn't order any meals for next week.  Need to eat up the lettuce and tomatoes we have. 
Surprise we did not make the 100 mark today, only 99.7 as high. But we have another chance tomorrow. 
I have three full strands of the necklace done. Only 13 more to go. 

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