Monday, April 13, 2020

Got a call, "Do you park in RV lot 2?"

It was a beautiful day today , until the winds picked up later this afternoon. Lots and lots of pollen in the air. First thing this morning we got a visit from the bunnies. Didn't see them at all yesterday, guess they were too busy. 
Spent some time working on my curtains, fixing the mistake I made yesterday. Hemmed the whole LONG edge of the material then realized I shouldn't have done it. Rip, rip, rip. Oh well it used up a little of my day. I think I know how I am going to finish them. 
Also working on loading "apps" into a tablet that Bill is going to use for his drones. Takes about a half hour to find and load four apps, just so he can get the app he uses to fly the drone. And then it didn't want to connect to the drone. Finally found a video that walked us through it. Done!!!
I also baked some peanut butter bread this morning. 
Turned out to be a waste of good flour. I think my baking powder was well past its prime. Maybe 10 years old??? Unless the bread is supposed to be very heavy and not rise at all. Not very peanutty (sp?)either. 
About midday we got a phone call from the office here where we live. She says, "Do you still park your RV in RV 2?" My heart dropped into my stomach - immediately thinking of the vandalized mail boxes. "Yes, we do," I answered. "Why?" [expecting the worse.] Well thank goodness no problem. They are going to start some construction in the RV lot so we will have to move the RV for about a month. She told us to look around the park for an empty lot with a driveway close to our house and we could park it there. Found one a block away. So tomorrow we'd planned on bringing the RV here to do the deep cleaning. Tomorrow is supposed to be cool - then we will park it in its new lot. I hope the people living around the spot are nosy and come out to meet us. [The mail boxes are still not fixed.]
Tonight we had our last Hello Fresh dinner for a week or so, I skipped ordering for next week. As always very good. What they say it looks like. We were wondering about the Bill makes a delicious one, it is from Argentina after all. Well their chimichurri uses cilantro - NOOOOO  his uses parsley. Other differences too in the ingredients. 
My plate, I used the menus chimichurri it was okay. Bill used his real chimichurri from our supply in the fridge. It get better as it sits. Good to dip bread into too. Again a very good meal. The carrots had honey on them. The rice had lime zest and butter in it. 
Weird thing happened last night - some how I managed to screw up my thumb. I was reading and it started to hurt. As I tried to move it the joint keep popping and it was swelling some. Put some joint ache stuff on it and went to bed. This morning it was fine. I already have enough crooked fingers, don't need another one. 
We are now on day 29 since we went shopping in Walmart in Amado, AZ. Not been out and about since then. Not that I'm counting...


Kathy Tycho said...

How about Bill's chimichurri recipe or is it a secret? 😉

Carol and Bill said...

I'll see what I can do. I've never made it.