Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A cooking kind of day

We were just talking about when we arrived her at home. We both thought we'd been home about a month. come to check we've only been here about 2 1/2 weeks! 
It was cold and gray this morning so thought I'd cook up some of the zucchini I'd bought on line. I thought I'd ordered 2 zucchini - come to find out I'd ordered 2 pounds of zucchini. Need to watch what it says by each or pound. So I sliced a bunch of it up and breaded and fried it. (I still have a couple of whole ones left.)
 Bill was eating them faster then I could cook them. 
 Finally got smart and brought my beading light over to the table where I work the puzzles. Much easier to see the colors. This one is 500 pieces another Kincaid. 
 Again all the colors look the same. 
 Took a walk again, while we had sunshine. Neighbors rose bush is blooming like crazy. Walked 1/2 hour a little over a mile and a quarter. 
 This was tonight's dinner - the picture they sent.
 All the ingredients. 
 And how it turned out. We both cleaned our plates. It was very good. We are getting three more meals this week, then I'm skipping a week before I order any more. 
Wow - thought my PC was a goner. None of the things plugged into the USB ports wanted to work. The card reader for my memory card from the camera wouldn't work, then I discovered the mouse didn't work either. NUTS. Fooled with all the ports and finally just shut it down. When it started up again everything worked fine. It is an older Windows 7 system. Don't want to get a new one as half my programs won't work.
Tomorrow we get another delivery from Smith's Grocery. Supposedly they have a few things I've been trying to get. Then I'm done grocery shopping for a few weeks. 
Our youngest son called and recommended I watch a YouTube video put out by a New York doctor. It was very interesting about how to keep from catching the virus. If you'er interested search "Dr David Price" on YouTube he works one of New York's biggest hospitals. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

When we cancelled our travel plans at the beginning of February we thought we might be over-reacting!! Now look where the world is!!

Carol and Bill said...

I am so glad we took our trip last summer and that we had a wonderful time in Maz this past winter. Seems like you are keeping busy. Stay safe. Watch the You Tube thing. Kind of makes you go Hummm?

Kathy Tycho said...

Love fried zucchini! I too have a windows 7 laptop. Shutting down and restarting always seems to work.

SandyM said...

Your plates are very pretty but I have notice that the pictures that are sent with your food kits are taken on solid color plates. Sure gives a different perspective. Have never used the dinners but your photos sure are tempting me to try 3 of them. Thanks for sharing

SandyM said...

Just use butter - it is better for you anyway, I think....🤔🤔🤔